The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Never mind the..."

 Thursday 30th Oct Noon - Sat 1st Nov 2014

Extreme Ales etc

Welcome to our beer festival. Beers have been sourced from all over the UK and in terms of flavours there should be something to suit everybody.

There are several beers here that are extreme in nature in that they showcase some of our talented brewers creativity at combining more unusual ingredients to create well balanced and extremely drinkable beers.

There are third pints available on all draught products as well as pints and halves so try everything and enjoy!


Brodies Kiwi 3.8%

A special edition of the NZ hopped session beer. Unfined in order to bring out more complexities of the hops. Clean and grapefruit. Hazy.

Brodies Mosaic Pale 3.9%

A one of single hopped session ale with Mosaic hops. Dry mouthfeel with citrus aroma and flavours.

Crouch Vale Essex Boys 4.0%

A dark brown malty bitter with a nut like flavour. Very smooth.

Siren Driftwood 4.0%

A dark brown take on a traditional bitter but brewed with chocolate malts for added depth. 

Windsor & Eton Green Hop Guardsman 4.2%

A classic English bitter brewed with fresh English green hops within 6 hours of the harvest. Nutty, fruity and mellow.

Waen Pottery Pig 4.2%

A very hoppy American pale ale with hints of tropical fruit in the aroma. Dry bitter finish. (hop haze)

Gypsy Hill South Paw 4.2%

A new beer from a new London brewery. A classic amber bitter with a subtle floral aroma from the hops.

Roosters All Stars 4.2%

A classic American pale ale brewed with Citra and Centennial hops giving a citrus grassy aroma and taste.

Downton Pumpkin Ale 4.2%

A deep golden coloured ale brewed with fresh pumpkin for added complexity.

Dark Star Vice 4.5%

A clear wheat beer brewed with paradise seeds and other spices to create a balance of spicy and citrus flavours. Very drinkable.

Arbor Nelson Sauvin Bomb 4.7%

A single hop bomb featuring the rare NZ hop Nelson Sauvin. Expect citrus, oily and almost gooseberry like flavours. Dry finish.

Hopcraft Belma & Brewise 4.7%

A showcase for the new American hop Belma. Fruity flavours with hints of melon with a moderate bitter finish.

Clarence & Fredericks Old Bruin 5.0%

A Belgian style old ale. Malty and complex and then fermented with Brett yeast in ordered to add a touch of sourness.

Clouded Minds Stout 5.0%

A traditional dark black stout. A complex dark malt bill hints at flavours of liquorice and coffee.

Marble Chocolate 5.5%

A black stout not brewed with chocolate but with lots of chocolate malt implying a chocolate flavour. This beer boasts also quite a toasted flavour from the chocolate malts.

Kissingate Undertaker Varnish 7.0%

A strong dark traditional ruby ale. Very smooth and drinkable despite the strength. Fruity berry flavours from the hops give this beer a dangerous drinkability.

Arbor Lemon & Lime IPA 8.5%

A strong pale IPA brewed with Lemon and Lime juice giving a tart edge but perfectly balanced by the dry hoppy finish. (maybe hazy)

KeyKegs In Bar    

Arbor  'Yakima Valley' 7%

A big and bold American IPA. Lots of hop additions create a citrus beer with a strong assertive malt backbone.

Thornbridge  'Peanut Butter Brown Ale' 6.2%

An American style dry brown ale but the additional of peanut butter. Warning, contains actual nuts

Magic Rock 'Acrobat' 6.2%



Gwynt Y Ddraig - 2 Trees Perry

Sutton Garden - Local grown apples make a fine medium Cider

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope