The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

 Thursday 27th Noon - Sat 29th November 2014

Dark Beer Rising Festival
Welcome to our last festival of 2014! Our 6th black beer festival. Here is a showcase of the wonderful diverse world of black beer from some of the best brewers in the UK.

Mild, porter, black IPA, and stout in all forms. Most of the beers have been conditioning in our cellar for many months and there are some extreme treats for you.

Due to the imperial strengths of some of the beers, thirds are available and encouraged. 

Try everything and remember pale, brown and amber options are available in the bar also. Have a good christmas and a hoppy new year.

Arbor  Phantom Dennis 3.7%

A porter brewed to session strength. Full of chocolate and liquorice notes with a long dry finish.

Buxton  Rednick Stout 4.1%

Aromas of burnt roast coffee, malty molasses, prunes, and a hint of smoke. It is gently sweet & sour, with a moderate bitterness.

Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2%

A full fruity and flavoursome dark mild. Subtle additions of real black cherries in muscovado sugar with light amarillo hopping. Heavily awarded.

Black Jack Honey Belgian Porter 4.5%

A classic porter recipe with honey but fermented with a belgian yeast culture to add more fruity and European yeast esters. 

Loch Ness Darkness 4.5%

A smooth black and traditional stout brewed with 4 different malts and 2 hop varieties. Dry finish with a burnt coffee flavour.

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5%

Multi award winning smooth stout. Smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruit. Contains Lactose.

HopCraft Profits of Doom 4.5%

A slightly sweeter chocolatey porter brewed with coconut.

Marble Stouter Stout 4.7%

A classic take on Guinness (of the past) brewed a little stronger. Dry and roasted + unfined (vegetarian society approved)

Windsor & Eton Seattle Porter 4.8%

A collaboration with American brewery Reuben's brews. A classic porter full of roast malt flavours and dark fruit notes. 

Big Smoke Robust Porter 4.9%

Brewed at the brew pub The Antelope in Surbiton. This is the first appearance of the beer outside their own pub. A classic robust poster full of chocolate and coffee notes.

Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out 5%

A smoked oatmeal stout. Complex, dark, with hints of smoke. A blend of 9 malts matched up with a firmly hopped back bone.

Squawk Barista Coffee Stout 6.4%

A new brewery from Manchester. A strong stout brewed with fresh coffee. Aged in Hope cellar for two months.

Siren Haunted Dreams 6.7%

A seasonal take on their Broken Dreams. A breakfast stout brewed with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, oats and a small serving of lactose but with the addition of Pumpkin pie spices.

Oakham Kraken's Ink 6.8%

A strong dry Black IPA with a good balance of complex malt flavours against a dry and hoppy backbone.

Siren Empress 8.5%

A collaboration brew with De Molen. Originally brewed for the international rainbow collaboration. An imperial stout brewed with cracked black pepper.

Siren Shattered Dreams 9.8%

A big breakfast stout brewed to imperial strengths. Full of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and lactose. The perfect wake up call.

Brodie's Elizabethan 22%  --Available in the Bar--

This is quite possibly the strongest naturally fermented beer in the world. Unlike other stronger beers no freeze distillation has been used. It's 4 years old. No halves or pints and no tasters.

This is very, very special. We are the first pub outside of Brodie's brewery tap to have this. Complex malt bill gives flavours of port, marmite and dark chocolate. Treat with extreme caution.


Due to all the beers in the festival being black the key kegs will feature hoppy and or refreshing options...

Brodies 'London Sour LIME' 3.7%

This may well be the most sourest offering from Brodie's so far. Extremely tart and refreshing with enough lime zest and juice to put hairs on your teeth.

Siren 'SoundWave IPA' 5.6%

A very popular favourite of the Hope. A classic west coast style hoppy IPA with lots of grapefruit flavours from the dry hop. The perfect pallet cleanser between your stouts and porters.

Magic Rock 'Human Cannonball' 9.2% 

A big IPA with a massive pine and candied orange aroma which combines with a bitter/sweet grapefruit and mango flavours on top of a deeply composed malt base.


The Hope