The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

 Thursday 27th March Noon - Sat 29th March 2014

Welcome to the Lion and the Lamb beer festival. Here be beer sourced from across of the country from only the finest Micro breweries around. Expect most major beer styles covered from the extremely sessionable (the lamb) to the intoxicatingly decadent (the lion). As always at our beer festivals, in order to encourage you trying everything, thirds are available as well as pints and halves. Enjoy. Cheers.          

Burning Sky - Plateau 3.5%  THE LAMB. New Brewery based in Sussex run by ex Dark Star head brewer. A blend of US/NZ hops to create a citrus flavour and aroma.
Hardknott - Lux Borealis 3.8%. A classic pale ale brewed with Aurora hops giving the beer a slightly spicy and grassy aroma and flavour. Bitter finish.         
Allgates - Pretoria 3.9% A golden ale with a crisp lemon sherbet flavour balanced against a classic pale ale malt body.  
Brewsters - Et Citra Et Citra 4.0% A copper coloured ale brewed with extra citra to create a strong citrus fruit aroma over a solid bitter malt base.    
Dark Star - Seville 4.0%
A burnt golden coloured pale ale brewed with Citra and Simcoe and then the addition of bitter Spanish oranges to create a highly drinkable and fruity brew.    
Magic Rock -
The Stooge 4.0% An American brown ale. A strong dominant malt back bone but balanced against lots of US hops to give a refreshing edge.      
Brewsters - Aromatica 4.2%
A copper coloured ale brewed with a selection of US, OZ and NZ hops to create an extremely tropical aroma over a classic English malt bill.   
Allgates - Summit 4.3% A pale ale brewed with American Summit hops which imparts a citrus yet slightly pine aroma.  
Hardknott - Cool Fusion 4.4%
A light golden ale brewed with new world hops for a zesty flavour but brewed with the addition of ginger to give a spicy kick.
Kent - Simcoe 4.5% A clean pale ale hopped entirely with Simcoe to show off the dank citrus flavours that this hop has to offer.
StrathBran - Head East 4.2% A traditional English best bitter. Floral hop notes over a classic English malt body.     
RAW - Elements 4.6%
A new world red ale with strong malty flavours of caramel  but balanced against citrus and piney hops.     
ELB - Wheat Porter 4.8% A new beer from the Hackney based brewery. A classic London porter with wheat added to the grain bill. Smooth and rich with hints of coffee and chocolate from the malts.
Great Heck - American Classic 5.3% An amber coloured strong bitter packed full of tropical fruit tasting hops on top of classic toffeeish malt base.
Oakham - Perun 5.5% A strong golden new world pale ale brewed with a cocktail of new world hops. Expect mango and lychee flavours amongst a slightly biscuity body.        
Arbor/Wiper & True - Fire Plough 5.5% (cask exclusive) A dark smoked porter only brewed for keg release, so this is an exclusive cask. Hints of of molasses and chocolate and joined together with a big hint of bonfire and smoke!
By The Horns - Imperial Stout 7.5% (6 month aged) Aged in the Hope cellar for 6 months. A classic imperial stout with complex and rich hints of coffee, chocolate molasses.
Siren - Gordons Strong Ale 8.5% Siren 'Gordon Strong Ale' 8.5% A wee heavy Scotch ale. All malty flavours, toast, raisins and caramel but with extra hops to give a dry drinkability.

KeyKegs In Bar

Alpha State 'IPA' 6% A golden new world IPA packed full of resinous hop flavours supplied form Simcoe, Citra, Chinook and Cascade. An extremely small batch brewed beer.          
Arbor ‘2014’ 7% A black IPA brewed with multiple hop strains. So hoppy this beer has clocked in an international bitterness rating of +1000 IBU which may make it the most bitter beer you've had.        
Brodie's ‘Awsomestowe’ 7.1% THE LION A truly awesome beast of a beer. Small batch brewed. A 100% all Citra IPA.          
Burning Sky ‘Saison a la provision’ 6.5% 6 month aged, this has undergone a secondary fermentation with a blend Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Crisp, sour and refreshing.  
Renaissance (New Zealand) ‘Elemental Porter’ 6.0% Traditional robust porter brewed in New Zealand. Dark with hints of liquorice, chocolate and smoke.     
Burning Sky Saison L'Hiver 4.2% A traditional farmhouse saison brewed with Hawthorne leaves and berries.


Gwynt y Draig - Black Dragon – Medium Dry Cider  7.2%
Others as the fest progresses

 All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope