The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR


Welcome to the Hope’s ‘Longest Day Festival’ There are 9 beers on the stillage, showcasing some different beer styles from the traditional to the more new world styles. It doesn’t matter whether you are a malt lover or a hop head, I am sure you will find something to suit you. I am very pleased to also present, a first time at the Hope the brilliant brewery Blue Monkey (Nottingham). I think they are a very versatile brewery and I feel that these 4 beers show they are capable of making quality malt heavy beers and hoppy beers. I hope you enjoy the beers, try everything and remember that third of a pint glasses are available!

Hardknott ‘Light Cascade’ 3.4%
Cascade hops right through with just a tiny balance of crystal malt. Refreshing grapefruit thirst-quenching classic. Pale ale.

Red Willow ‘Feckless’ 4.1%
A classic best bitter, rich toffee and malt balanced with the subtle flavours of Challenger, First Gold and Target hops.

Gadd’s ‘Dr Sunshine’s Special Friendly’ 4.2%
Coriander, orange zest, wheat and bags full of fruity hops combine with malted barley to create a mellow, soft and refreshing English wheat ale.

Raw ‘Citra’ 4.4%
Hoppy special brewed using Citra Hops it has a strong fruity hop aroma and flavour with a lingering bitter finish

Hardknott ‘Cool Fusion’ 4.4%
Very pale straw colour, grassy nose with a hint of sweet ginger, refreshing mild spicy flavour and a gentle thirst quenchingly mild finish.

Bristol Beer Factory ‘Milk Stout’ 4.5%
Sweet, black and extremely full-bodied. Unfermentable Lactose sugar (added during the boil) sweetens the Chocolate and Black Malt derived roast / burnt flavours.

Thornbridge ‘Frank As Apollo’ 4.6%
A beefed up, new world take on an ESB style bitter. Amber in colour with good malt balance but with late additions of new world hops giving some citrus aroma.

Red Willow ‘Fathomless’ 5.2%
A true oyster stout; 300 oysters were painstakingly shucked and added to the boil. It’s inky black in colour, with a deeply complex and satisfying body, finishing with just a hint of a taste of the sea

Arbor ‘Down Deeper Double IPA’ 10.2%
A super hoppy IPA brewed with only Australian hop varieties. Expect a punchy tropical hop kick balanced against an alcohol sweetness and sticky malts. Treat with caution. 

The Blue Monkey Bar

BG Sips 4%
A pale and intensely hoppy beer. Enticing tropical fruit aromas, finished with a good level of thirst quenching, almost peppery, bitterness.

99 Red Baboons 4.2%
An unusual combination of fruity hoppyness with a dark, malty side.  This beer is distinctly difficult to categorise – is it sort of a porter or maybe a mild?  You decide!

Guerrilla Stout 4.9%
A hearty 4.9% beer full of malty complexity balanced by a robust bitter bite.

Ape Ale Strong Ale 5.4%
A pale, strong ale.  A complex and sophisticated IPA, using assertive American hops.  Aromas of resinous pine, orange and just the right level of citrusiness. A dry finish and moderate bitterness make this deceptively quaffable for its 5.4%, so take care!

The Hope