The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

'Extreme' Beer Festival April 26th Noon to 28th 2012 

This is one of my favourite festivals to do in the year. It celebrates flavour and not the bland or the boring. With more breweries in the country than ever before, this festival celebrates those brewers who dare to create new flavours, adapt new styles, find new brewing techniques and generally push the boundries. There has never been a more exciting time for beer.



Marble ‘Draft’ 3.9%
This session pale ale from Manchester is an extreme hop bomb! Hopped in the kettle with Chinook, Citra and Colombus (US varaities) dry hopped in the fermenter with the kiwi hop Motuaka and then dry hopped in cask with the US hop Simcoe. This a very dry, bitter beer with citrus-grapefruit notes.

Arbor ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ 8%
An extreme American style double IPA massively hopped with various strains of new world hops from the U.S, and New Zealand. Expect a big mouth feel with lots of bitterness and lots of citrus aromatics. This IPA is also extreme in colour as it is pink, this colouring comes from the subtle addition of Beetroot in the boil!

Bristol Beer Factory ‘Bitter Californian’ 4.5%
A hybrid between a traditional English Best Bitter and the wonderfully aromatic Californian Pale Ales. Featuing some of the finest English malts that have provided the base for the classic best bitter. The hops are Newport (Kaffir lime leaves & citrus rind aromas), Chinnook (lime zest and lemon balm) and Nugget (sherbet lemons), these will both bitter the beer and provide flavour and aroma.

Brodie’s ‘Romonov Russian Imperial Stout’ 12.1%
This is a thick black super stout brewed to traditional export strength. It has been aged in a whiskey barrel which does in part some woody and spirit notes. It is only being served in halves or thirds but not because it’s strong but because we only have a pin and want as many people to be able to try the beer that the Brewer considers to be their best.

Windsor & Eton ‘Caribian Conqueror’ 5.8% Festival Special!
An extreme & new stlye in itself, the black IPA. It is brewed with a blend of 5 malts with Summit and Cascade hops producing a combination of roasted flavours and fresh pine hop aroma. Specially for this festival a generous amount of dark rum has been added to the cask to give that rich piratical kick!

Bristol Brewers United ‘Smoked Porter’ 6%
This big beer is a collaboration of 6 fine brewers in Bristol (Arbor Ales, Bath Ales, BBF, Great Western Brewing, RCH & Zero Degrees) Carafa and Smoked Malt with lots of English hops give a deep rich smokey taste, this beer has been maturing in the Hope cellar for two months now!

Oakham ‘Asylum’ 4.5%
Premium amber bitter with insane hop aroma and character, grapefruit and berries to taste before you're certified to a bitter end. Who said brown beers can’t be extreme?

Magic Rock ‘Curious’ 3.9%
Pale in colour but unlike other pale ales lacking nothing in the flavour stakes. Using plenty of US hops to give the beer a floral/grassy aroma and lip smacking citrus flavours which combine with a defined malty character to make a magically moreish and quenching beer.

Kissingate ‘Smelter’s Stout’ 5.1%
A deep and rich traditional stout but with the usual old worlde Kissingate twist. Notes of dark chocolate derived from black and amber malts. Bitter sweet finish with a hint of wood smoke. Dark and gorgeous!

Kent ‘Spring Wheat’ 4.8%
A modern interpretation of the classic cloudy wheat beer style. Using a genuine german yeast strain in conjunction with an American yeast strain creating a clean but complex flavour. Massively hopped.

Steel City/Arbor ‘666’ 6.66%
This is one of the most ‘extreme’ beers at the festival for flavour and complexity. A dry, dry stout (infact probably the most bitter beer in the country @ 666+ IBU’s). Very drinkable with the bitterness coming from CO2 extraction and a good blast of Weyermann carafa spezial to balance things out. Almost 10 kilos of lovely Simcoe, Citra and Sorachi hops at flame-off for aroma!

Brodie’s ‘Mental Hop Bastard’ 5%
A 5% bastard of a pale ale. Massively hopped in kettle, in fermenter and in cask. So many powerful and punchy hops that when this cask was spiled it spat hops over most of the other casks. Expect big bitter mouth feel with lots of aggressive tropical fruit aromas.