The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Pubcat Presents"

 Thursday 24th April Noon - Sat 26th April 2014

Welcome to the Pubcat Presents beer festival with our first guest 'Curator' - Pubcat.  As always at our beer festivals, in order to encourage you trying everything, thirds are available as well as pints and halves. Enjoy and over to Pubcat      

Greetings Humans!

Pubcat here, and I'm proud to present my very own Beer Festival (I wanted a Salmon & Tuna Treats Festival but the Bearded ones wouldn't allow it!!) Anyway, I've been hard at work compiling some of the finest Real Ales available, just for you lovely people – don’t listen to that Barrett bloke, he’s been asleep most of the time. I hope you’re as pleased as I am with the following range……

Oh, and happy International Pubcat Day!


Saltaire 'Pride' 3.9%

A classic copper coloured English bitter brewed with English hops. Malty flavour with a bitter finish.

Marble 'Craft' 4%

A one off session ale from the Manchester brewer. Light in colour, fruity new world hops, very quaffable!

Crouch Vale 'Calypso' 4.1%

Lager malts and a trio of hops namely Apollo, Summit and Santiam for a purrfect aromatic deep golden beer.

HopCraft 'Naughty Boy' 4.2%

An american pale ale brewed with oats to create a smooth body for lots of hops, lots and lots of hops. Meow.

Hop Kettle 'Tricerahops' 4.3%

A new brewery for the Hope. Small batch brewed beer, light in colour. A mix of US, OZ and NZ hops.

Fat Cat 'Meow Mild' 4.3%

My favourite beer on the menu. 5 types of grain and very little hops. A black, smooth and fruity drink…just like me!

Pitfields 'Eco Warrior' 4.5%

A new brewery for the Hope. A silky honeyed flavour up front, with a gentle bittersweet moreish finsih. Brown in colour.

Kent 'Cascade' 4.5%

A citrussy, light and hoppy pale using a blend of American and NZ hops.

Kent 'Simcoe/Cascade' 4.5%

This is a one of special pale. A blend of Kent Simcoe and Kent Cascade and then further dry hopped in cask with the same varieties.

Marble 'Spring' 4.6%

A clean drinking pale beer with a surprisingly rich and oily character.

ELB 'Cowcatcher' 4.8%

East London breweries new American pale ale. Full of Citra, Simcoe and Chinook over a solid malt body.

Fat Cat 'Porter' 4.9%

A traditional porter brewed with various grains to create a rich and smooth ale with hints of chocolate and liquorice.

Blue Monkey 'Scarlet Chimpernel' 4.9%

A red ale brewed with Simcoe hops. Biscuity malt notes with a subtle tropical hop flavour.

Steel City/Great Heck 4.9%

A trans-Yorkshire trans-atlantic Pale ale. CTZ for buttering, Nelson and Galaxy for flavour.

Hop Kettle 'Southern Land' 5.1%

100% Australian hopped pale creating a clean, zesty and fruity beer!

Siren 'Das Soundwave' 5.6%

Seasonal variation on Siren's big American IPA, this version is brewed with brand new German hops that give large resinous and grapefruity aroma.

KeyKegs In Bar

Brodies 'Chinook Bacon IPA' 6.6%

A golden single hop Chinook IPA but brewed with large quantaties of smoked malt to create an IPA/smoked beer hybrid.

Siren/Cigar City 'Caribbean Chocolate Cake' 7.4%

A big black stout. Brewed with unnamed experimental hops, Dominican cacao nibs, lactose sugars and Cypress wood. Rich dark chocolate with hints of roasted barely, orange and coconut with a woody dryness.

Old Kirton

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope