The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Evil Keg Filth" Festival

Thu 23 + Fri 24 Feb 2023

Time to get filthy! We have trawled through our cellar, finding the weird and the wonderful in a bid to showcase the brilliance of our favourite breweries.
You could accuse us of being self-indulgent with this selection (and you would be right),
but you cannot deny the veritable cornucopia of delights we have on offer to warm you this chilly wintertime.

Kegs in Marquee

No cask this month (the festival name being the clue here) – normal service will resume in March, along with the warmer weather (we hope).

PHANTOM ‘Feel’ 5.2%
Vienna Lager. Aged in an old wooden foeder, this is not a standard lager. Whilst still light, the initial hit is pomegranate, before morphing into fermented apple territory. Dry, refreshing, and eminently drinkable.

ARBOR ‘Disco Berliner’ 3.5%
Sour. Choose your own flavour! The base of this little berliner weisse is crisply bright, lemon and pear skipping jauntily upon the tongue. We also have two delightful syrups to mix with the beer in your own proportions: strawberry to sweeten it up, or grapefruit to lean into the pithy sharpness.

BRASSERIE DE LA SENNE ‘Taras Boulba’ 4.5%
Belgian Blonde. Very hoppy, very Belgian, very yummy. This is a true modern classic, and does not disappoint. Rating very highly on the drinkability scale with its dryness, the citrus fruits explode immediately. Pleasingly, there is still a hint of that Belgian yeast profile hiding at the back.

TRACK ‘Clouds On My Back’ 5.0%
Pale Ale. Cloudy by name, cloudy by nature. A tropical fruit bomb of the like we have come to expect from these marvellous Mancs. Sticky guava, peach puree, apricot jam – you could almost believe this was healthy for you.

PRESSURE DROP ‘Crab Facts’ 6.2%
New England IPA. Following their amazing social media campaign for this, we had to get involved. No actual crab facts here, just a hazy beach bum of a beer. Waves of pineapple and coconut come to the fore, with fresh orange juice snipping at their heels to help bring out those sunshine vibes.

THE KERNEL ‘Half Brick’ 4.5%
Red Rye Ale. The pepper from the rye leaps out immediately, tempered beautifully by notes of kumquat, mango, even a lingering dankness. The finish comes through with candied cherry and redcurrant; amazingly complex given its strength.

PÕHJALA ‘Mudcake Bänger’ 12.5%
Imperial Stout. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate... Hopefully Dominic leaves some for everyone else. Rich, deep, high quality high percentage cocoa, with a hint of blueberry and orange zest to round out the immense flavour. Do note, it does improve as it warms up a tad.

Kegs In Bar    

DROP PROJECT ‘Fika’ 3.8%
Pale Ale. A perfect place to start inside, with plenty of ripe lychee swimming alongside vibrant tangerine. The depth of flavour belies the lower alcohol level, yet never gets remotely heavy or cloying.

HOWLING HOPS ‘Follow Me Silly’ 5.2%
Pale Ale. Piney, resinous, pithy old school class from Howling Hops here. Reminiscent of the first wave of proper American beers that came into the country, with a floral twist courtesy of the hop choice, this is certain to slake many a thirst.

DURATION x VERDANT ‘Pression’ 6.2%
IPA. Once again, these two have gone a little off the beaten track in their collaborating. As well as a whole host of our favourite hops, this IPA has local apples thrown into the mix too. The result is not as mad as it might sound, with the complex layers of tropical and hedgerow fruits intertwining harmoniously on what is still clearly an IPA – and a damn good one at that, too. One might it left an im-pression.

BEAK ‘Curtain’ 8%
Double IPA. A big, bold showcase of the newbie Idaho 7 hop, this is exactly the sort of brilliance we love Beak for. Running through the entire gamut of orange fruits in short order, the soft sherbety finish lingers for an age after that first gulp.

BRICK ‘Lemon Verbena & Mandarin’ 3.8%
Sour. Does exactly what it says on the tin, from one of the best sour breweries around today. Both elements are wildly obvious, yet still it adds up to more than the sum of their parts as essence of yuzu and satsuma emerges over the herbaceous undertones.

NEON RAPTOR ‘Velvet Banshee’ 10.0%
Pastry Sour. We think Neon Raptor might have outdone themselves here... Strawberry, honeyberry, chocolate, and vanilla make up this red velvet cupcake sour. It is exquisite. Tart yet sweet, fruity yet rich, and almost criminal in how well it hides its ABV. You really must taste it to believe it.

MARBLE ‘Cherry Stout’ 5.7%
Stout. Our love of Marble's core stout is well known, so a cherry twist on the old girl was a no-brainer. Memories of childhood sweets rise up, along with a whiff of Ribena. There is no mistaking the addition here, and it is wonderful.

EMELISSE ‘White Label Butterscotch Toffee Stout Belize Rum BA 2021’ 12.8%
BA Imperial Stout. Where to even start with this one!? There's burnt toffee swirling around sweet butterscotch, as firey rum dances away with luxurious vanilla. It seems so mad, yet is so refined, the balance impeccable, the joy unbounded. Heady, unbridled, ever so decadent – a fitting choice for the Keg Of Death line this month.



Cask - just our normal wonderful range on the bar


Not until next time (March)

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope