The Hope,
48 West Street, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Spring Beer Fest"

Thurs 24th & Fri 25th March 2022

So here we are in March 2022, and a new season of The Hope beer festivals is upon us! As I type this, the sun is shining, the beer is at perfect temperature, and the madness has yet to begin. Back up to a full compliment of 19 casks and 14 kegs, we have quite the smorgasbord of styles and strengths to suit all palates. I do declare the festival, open!
Festival Bar

MOOR ‘Nano Cask’ 3.8% CASK
Bitter. Light English-hopped take on a classic easy bitter. Stuffed full of the lavender and herbacious notes so closely associated with Olicana, this is a great introduction for those unfamiliar with it. A touch of pepper and orange peel compliment the earthy bitter finish nicely.

American Pale Ale. A delicately complicated beer, showing off the versatility and vibrancy of the Sabro hop. Coconut shines through, with undertones of orange and grapefruit. The bitterness at the back of the palate, essential to the style, ensures a morishness to the beer.

ASHOVER Poets’ Tipple’ 4.0% CASK
Bitter. Hazelnuts and digestive biscuits dominate the taste on this super traditional bitter. Familiar enough to tick all the boxes and warrant repeated visits, yet subtly different enough to satisfy those after a change.

BRASS CASTLE ‘Misfits’ 4.3% Gluten Free CASK
Pale Ale. Two old-school American hops in Centennial and Chinook means this pale has plenty of West Coast vibes. Pith and pine combine smoothly to prove why these two are so well loved.

WANTSUM Dynamo’ 4.3% CASK
Golden Ale. A lovely kumquat nose, with a hint of a light sea breeze, gives way to a gentler orange, bready flavour. Light and refreshing, a great sunshine beer.

GOOD CHEMISTY ‘Storms Pass’ 4.3% CASK
Brown Ale. On the lighter side for the style, there is still plenty of chestnut and chocolate here to please. This is enhanced by hints of mango and sourdough, with leather tones suffusing the aftertaste beautifully.

Session IPA. Newer US hops, in Azacca and Ekuanot, lend this pale an apricot and white peach fruitiness. That sweetness mutes the green, fresh hop arid bitterness a smidgen, resulting in a soft, well-rounded mouthfeel.

KENT ALTernative Amber’ 4.5% CASK
Amber. A hybrid take on a hybrid style, the experiment works exceedingly well. Spice and caramel from the malts comes first,  followed by a distinct crispness from the lagering process that elevates the elongated ginger snap finish.

ANSPACH & HOBDAY ‘Pigeon Pale’ 4.5% CASK
Pale Ale. The overtones of lemon and grape gives this double dry hopped pale a brut characteristic on the nose. Juicier in the mouth, this is pintable as anything.

ATOM ‘Dark Matter’ 4.5% CASK
Stout. Roasted coffee leaps out first, giving way to dark chocolate brazil nuts. Thick and luxurious, this belies the lower alcohol brilliantly.

DOWNLANDS ‘Particle Horizon’ 4.8% CASK
Pale Ale. A tropical punch of a hazy pale, pineapple dominates a veritable fruit salad. Very low on the bitterness, you cannot help but salivate on each sip.

TINY REBEL ‘Voodoo People’ 4.8% CASK
Oat Stout. Somewhere between dark chocolate digestives and bourbon biscuits, there is a hint of tobacco to alleviate any cloying sweetness. Easy drinking, walks that fine line between tastiness and heaviness.

PENTRICH ‘Count The Miles’ 5.0% CASK
Pale Ale. Grapefruit is followed quickly by resin, with undertones of sherbet, especially on the nose. Dried mango comes to the fore further back, resulting in a balanced experience throughout.

SIREN Jiggery Pokery’ 5.0% CASK
Red IPA. An homage to the brewery’s much loved (and missed) Liquid Mistress. Stay with us here, but we are definitely getting Percy Pigs, redcurrant jam, and caramelised onions - very much in a good way. The combo, with autumnal marmalade tones tying it all together, is wonderful.

ATOM ‘Venturi Effect’ 5.0% CASK
Rye Stout. A more savory and surprisingly clean variation on stout, it leans on both that and the rye elements, with neither forcing themselves to centre stage. The malts bring it round to an earthiness, with hints of dandelion & burdock.

TWISTED WHEEL ‘Walking The Dog’ 5.3% CASK
Pale Ale. Packed full of Kiwi hops, there is an element of refined cocktail here as passion fruit and gooseberry dance elegantly together. A dash of lime cuts through the pillowy feel, quietly suggesting a second go-around.

SIREN ‘Antidawn’ 6.5% CASK
India Export Porter. Toffee and toastiness, with a hint of marmite. Bright notes of nettles and wild hedgerow fruits add another dimension, with even fennel and bergamot emerging after a few mouthfuls.

DISRUPTION IS ‘Cereal Thrilla’ 7.2% CASK
Breakfast Stout. Maple syrup pancakes, coffee, oatmeal, chocolate spread on toast… This really is our kind of breakfast. Indulgent, decadent even - everything your parents banned you from having most times of the day.

MAD SQUIRREL ‘Indulge’ 10.0% Contains Nuts and Lactose CASK
Imperial Stout. Brewed with plenty of pecan nuts, they impart a real fresh apple juice to the final beer. The maple syrup adds a sweetness without becoming domineering. Thick enough to be satisfying whilst still masking the elevated alcohol expertly.

BUXTON ‘Myrcia’ 4.0% KEG
Session IPA. A zesty kick is backed up with a haze of dank at its foundation (DAF, if you will). The oats in the malt bill ensure a smooth, satisfying finish.

POLLY’S ‘The Sun Comes Up’ 4.5% KEGPilsner. Cut grass and still-warm baking brings to mind sunshine drenched landscapes. Classic pilsner crispness makes this so easy drinking. A pretty damn perfect lager.

VIBRANT FOREST x BREW YORK ‘How Berry Dare You’ 5.5% KEG
Sour. All the forest fruits have been loaded into this collaboration brew, and the thick jammy result is so close to a smoothie it has to be healthy! The tingling acidity is gloriously refreshing, proving to be both a magnificent next beer and great palate-cleanser.

BURNT MILL ‘Bitter Lake’ 5.5% Gluten Free KEG
Pale Ale. Absolutely everything you would expect from Burnt Mill doing a west coast. Massive grapefruit punch, with plenty of citrus pithiness lasting throughout. You would never guess this is gluten free, so do not let that put you off.

FYNE x DURATION ‘Beams’ 5.7% KEG
Oak Aged Rustic Saison. Thank you.

PHANTOM ‘Fernando’ 6.3% KEG
Raspberry Stout. A rich chocolate torte smothered in raspberry coulis. The sweetness playfully winds around the tartness of the fruit without being sickly. Dessert in a glass.

Main Bar

Pale Ale. Do not be put off by the extra low ABV, this is still a big hoppy powerhouse of the sort we have come to know and love from our local brewery. Tangerine is followed by papaya, and makes for a fantastic opening gambit.

BBNo ‘42 DDH Pale Ale’ 5.2% KEG
Pale Ale. Brewed to celebrate the opening of their new brewery in Greenwich, this is packed full of bright citrus and thick pine, with a dash of more exotic fruits teasing the tastebuds all the way down.

DEYA ‘Meet Me In The City’ 6.5% KEG
IPA. The kings of haze are at it again. Taking us away to a juicy tropical paradise on a feather light bed, this is a transpacific IPA bursting with ripe lychee and aromatic clementines.

PRESSURE DROP ‘Lifestyle Guide’ Contains Lactose 6.5% KEG
Sour. There’s no mistaking the guava here, as it comes out front and centre. The lychee and mango play fine supporting roles, giving depth and character to a beer that lives up to its billing.

CHORLTON ‘Marzen Weiss 2019’ 7.0% KEG
Sour. The last of our Chorlton stores, and one that has aged magnificently. Obtaining that magical balance between sharp sourness and rounded complexity, this is a treat that has been well worth the wait. Stuffed with… you know what, I’m not going to spoil the surprise, just indulge – and enjoy.

BEAK ‘Pencil HB’ 7.2% KEG
India Porter. A veritable menagerie of flavours come peek their heads out here. Flashes of dark chocolate, rich fruits, and warm roastiness toy with the tongue.

BBNo ‘85 TIPA Sabro & Mosaic’ 10.0% KEG
Triple IPA. This is quickly becoming a favourite hop pairing, and this big IPA proves exactly why. The pina colada jazziness of the Sabro with its coconut and pineapple offerings are underpinned majestically by the sticky resinous tones courtesy of Mosaic. And not even the merest whiff of alcohol burn to boot – mighty impressive all round.

SIREN ‘Mucha Mocha’ 10.0% KEG
Imperial Coffee Stout. Mucha Mocha by name, mucha mocha by nature. Utilising barrel-aged coffee beans to impart a far more rounded and satisfying coffee hit, the burnt toffee and vanilla brings the dark chocolate and rich tobacco to life. Quite the way to finish the night.



All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope