The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"DunkelKong Beer Fest"

28-30 Nov 2019



BRISTOL BEER FACTORY Future Proof (3.3% Dark Mild)
PIG & PORTER Lilac Time (3.8% Mild)
ROOSTERS London Thunder (4.2% Porter)
IRON PIER Milk Stout (4.4% Milk Stout)
MOOR Porter (4.6% Porter)
BEATNIKZ REPUBLIC Cortado (4.7% Coffee Stout)
KENT Comfortably Plum (4.9% Plum Stout)
WIPER & TRUE Blackberry Porter (4.9% Blackberry Porter)
BURNING SKY Porter (4.9% Porter)
WEIRD BEARD Mutiny on the Bunty (5.7% Coconut and Vanilla Stout)
WEIRD BEARD Knight in Sour Armour (6.3% Kettle Soured BIPA)
WYLAM Anatomy of Taverns (6.3% Export Stout)
KISSINGATE Raspberry En Plus (7.0% Raspberry Stout)
IRON PIER Speyside Export Porter (7.3% Speyside Whisky BA Porter)
NORTHERN MONK x WANDER BEYOND x OLD CHIMNEY Dark & Wild City (7.4% Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae Stout)
WEIRD BEARD Sadako (9.5% Imperial Stout)
KISSINGATE Murder of Crows (10.0% Imperial Stout)


SIREN CRAFT Salted Caramel Shattered Dream (9.1% Imperial Salted Caramel Breakfast Stout)

Kegs in Marquee


VIBRANT FOREST Fraxinus (4.5% Amarillo & HBC 431 Hazy Pale)
NORTH x LERVIG Triple Fruited Gose (4.5% Blueberry & Lingonberry Gose)
KERNEL Biere de Saison (5.3% Finchcock's #7)
SIREN CRAFT Escape Artist (5.9% American IPA)
ARBOR BA Breakfast Stout (7.4% Bourbon BA Chocolate & Coffee Stout)
WYLAM x LERVIG Same Chit Different Day (7.4% IPA)
SIREN CRAFT x NORTHERN MONK Paper Scissors Rock (8.5% DIPA)

Kegs In Bar    


SIREN CRAFT Suspended in Loral (4.0% Hazy Pale)
DROP PROJECT Shifty (5.0% New England Pale)
POLLY'S IPA (6.2% Citra & Mosaic IPA)
SIREN CRAFT Castillian Lemon Cheesecake (6.2% Sour Lemon IPA)
SALT Bowline (6.3% Export Stout)
CLOUDWATER x KEES You've Been Spotted (9.0% Apple Pie Imperial Stout)
TINY REBEL Imperial Salted Caramel Stay Puft (9.7% Imperial Salted Caramel Marshmallow Stout)



All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope