The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Fermentation2 Beer Fest"

25-27 July 2019

Welcome to the Hope’s July beer festival of 2019. This month we bring you an exciting and summery selection of new beers & ciders.
Particular stand-out treats include a few rare collaborations from some of our favourite breweries, and imports from Norway and New Zealand.
As always, the list of beers and tasting notes is curated and written by the Hope cellar team for your reading and drinking pleasure. Enjoy!


Weird Beard  Gravelands’ 3.1%
Possessor pale ale. Aroma of cut grass, lemon and a big hit of apple. Light and refreshing with a crisp, traditional bitterness leading to granny smith's apple peel and lime zest on the finish.

Oakham ‘Endless Summer’ 3.4%

Pale Ale. Nose of apples and a hint of nectarine, over a bassline of warm straw. Initial pear leading to much more distinctive nectarine; finishing on an apple peel bitterness.

Iron Pier ‘Joined at the Hop’ 3.8%
Olicana and Wolf Hoppy Pale. Earthy nose, with heaps of dill and a nutty undertone. Lavender and grass flavours compete for dominance, with hints of lychee and dried papaya leading to a dry finish.

Siren Craft ‘Suspended in Kviek’ 4.0%

Hazy Session Pale. Heady aroma of ginger, orange zest and lime leaves. Smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with loads of orange and apricot, and a hint of coconut at the end.

Cellar Head ‘Hop Project #003’ 4.0%

Trial Hop CF215 Modern Bitter. Fresh nose of peach, banana and underlying toffee. Flavours of digestive biscuits, more toffee, with a spicy twist of nutmeg arriving just before the finish

By The Horns ‘Passionade’ 4.0%
Passionfruit pale ale. A tun of passionfruit on the nose, with a more delicate fruity sweetness in the mouth. Finishing with a balance of hoppy bitterness and passionfruit sharpness.

Brew By Numbers x Hobson's ‘Citra Mosaic Pale’ 4.2%
Pale. Exemplary Citra and Mosaic characteristics. Huge dank nose of pine resin and grapefruit, reflected on the palate. Low bitterness and thick, creamy mouthfeel.

Wylam ‘Hickey The Rake’’ 4.3%
Limonata Pale. Tropical aroma of lime, coconut and a hint of mango. Zingy flavour, with lemon sherbet effervescence over subtle dried mango and papaya.

Gun ‘Chummy Bluster’ 4.4%
Sussex Bitter. Nose of toffee apples and chocolate biscuits. Initial sweetness and fresh fruit flavour: plum and blackberry, leading to a more classic digestive biscuit, caramel and apples.

Arbor ‘Ay Caramber’ 4.4%
Amber. Bold nose of pear and redcurrants. Sharp, fruity bitterness, with apple, honey and overtures of redcurrant.

Brew By Numbers x Hobson's ‘I.P.A.’ 4.5%

Chinook and Loral I.P.A. Floral nose with hints of peach and sweet pea. Delicate, complex flavour, with notes of lavender, basil, thyme, grapefruit and blackberries.

Kent ‘Lemon Scream’ 4.7%

Lemon Pale. Powerful bergamot on the nose, mirrored on the palate, with creamy lemon curd and a blackcurrant sharpness joining the party.

Cellar Head ‘Flapjack’ 4.7%

Oatmeal Stout. Aroma of dark chocolate and coffee. Initial cherry, with more dark chocolate and a hint of tannin bitterness.

Tiny Rebel ‘Pump Up The Jam’ 5.0%

Doughnut pale ale. Raspberry jam and vanilla on the nose, powerful and distinctive. Smooth and sweet, does exactly what you hope and expect from a jam doughtnut beer.

Downlands ‘Root 26’ 5.1%

American pale. Dank, dark fruity nose, with cherry, blackberry and raisin. Full, heavy mouthfeel, with strong flavours of grapefruit, sweet malty caramel and a crisp bitter finish.

Animal ‘Bad Kitty’ 5.9%

I.P.A. Pine and grapefruit on the nose, with hints of orange and apricot. Caramel on the tongue, with notes of peach and more orange and grapefruit. Has a rich sweetness, and a balancing, lingering bitterness.

AlphaBeta ‘Viking in the Woods 6.0%

Brown Ale. Rich chocolate aroma, backed up by walnut and hazelnut. Chocolate and coffee, nutty and woody, fruity and slightly smokey. Wonderfully balanced, drinkable, brown ale.

Vibrant Forest ‘Kaleidoscope’ 6.5%

I.P.A. Passion fruit leads the aroma, over a full citrus bouquet. Bursting with both tropical and citrus fruit flavours; lychee, mango, passion fruit, orange, grapefruit, lime, all leading to a big west-coast bitter finish.


Festival Bar Kegs

Magic Rock ‘Bravado’ 4.1%

Session I.P.A. Raspberry, vanilla, orange and grapefruit compete on the nose. Bitter and sherbety in the mouth, orange and kumkwat and lime pith, with an incongruous cookie dough undertone.

Vibrant Forest ‘Black Forest’ 4.9%

Porter. Black coffee and dark chocolate on the nose. Smooth and balanced in the mouth, with more coffee, chocolate, a twist of vanilla and subtle sour cherry.

Fourpure ‘Parlour’ 6.0%

Ice Cream I.P.A. Distinctive nose of vanilla and Rose's orange cream chocolate. Thick, creamy and sweet, with flavours that reflect the aroma.

Pressure Drop x Lost & Grounded x Polly’s ‘Motel Paradiso’ 6.5%

I.P.A. Melon on the nose, with touches of mango and apricot. More mango and melon on the tongue with a smooth, east-coast balance, backed up with peach, grapefruit and clementine.

Lervig Aktieryggeri ‘Passion Tang’ 7.0%

Passion fruit Sour. Smells like parma violet sweets. Contrastingly sharp, sweet and fruity. Refreshing; with a lingering fruitiness on the tongue, and dangerously drinkable.

Kegs In Bar

Cloudwater ‘Pale Ale’ 4.0%

Hazy session pale. Mango and peach dominate the nose, with pineapple and tangerine coming through on the palate, and a full, candy-floss mouthfeel.

Siren Craft/Magic Rock ‘Stand In Line’ 4.5%

Ginger & Lime Berliner Weisse. Smells like fizzy cola bottles. Front-loaded sour hit, fresh lime juice and more cola, ending with a subtle ginger warmth.

Left Handed Giant ‘Inner Circle’ 5.2%

Pale ale. Aromas of mango, vanilla and peach. Big, soft mouthfeel, full of sweet tropical fruit flavours, with closing hints of vanilla and coconut.

Polly’s Brew ‘Columbus Peppercorn’ 5.9%

Saison. Due to technical difficulties, unfortunately this beer has not been tasted and will not be available from the opening of the festival, but will be on as soon as we can manage.

Northern Monk x Buxton ‘Northern Powerhouse #5’ 7.4%

West Coast I.P.A. Smells like the moment of sticking your head out of the tent in an evergreen forest, after a long night of heavy rain. Resinous flavour of white grapefruit to begin, with a long finish, gradually drying. Beautiful and balanced with surprisingly low bitterness.

Marble ‘Trials #2’ 9.7%

Imperial I.P.A. Sweet and boozy on the nose, with hints of stone fruit and aniseed. The flavour mirrors the smell, with dried apricot, mango strips and a huge hit of grapefruit. Dry and boozy and delicious. Also lethal.
8 Wired ‘iStout Affogato’ 10.0%

Coffee & Vanilla Imperial Stout. Rich, sweet and decadent. Huge amounts of coffee, with sweet vanilla and a bit more coffee. Dessert, the after-dinner coffee, and the after-dinner cocktail, all in the same glass.

Ciders Bag In Box

Snailsbank ‘Raspberry Ripple’ 4.0%

Sandford Orchards ‘Slack Ma Girdle’ 5.8%

Celtic Marshes ‘Ashton Bitters’ 5.6%

Harry’s Cider ‘Mango & Lime’ 4.0%

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope