The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"The Pub at the end of the lane Beer Fest"

27th - 29th June 2019

June Beer Fest, first list, more to follow


KENT Cain & Abel (3.3% Table Beer)
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY Notorious (3.8% Session Pale)
GREAT HECK Chopper (3.8% Session Pale)
OLD DAIRY Red Top (3.8% Bitter)
BY THE HORNS Mild (3.8% Mild)
KISSINGATE Ripple (4.0% Raspberry Stout)
SIRENCRAFT Suspended in Idaho (4.0% Hazy Pale Ale)
FIVE POINTS Best (4.1% Best Bitter)
DOWNLANDS Elderflower (4.2% Elderflower Pale)
WIPER & TRUE/GIPSY HILL Rosalita (4.2% Red Ale)
PIG & PORTER 300 Hairy Bears (4.4% Blonde Ale)
MAD SQUIRREL De La Roots (4.5% Milk Stout with Ginger)
IRON PIER Wealdway (4.5% India Pale Ale)
SALOPIAN Paper Planes (4.6% American Pale Ale)
WEIRD BEARD Kill Pils (5.0% Sorachi Dry-Hopped Lager)
ARBOR North by Southwest (5.0% Pale Ale)
VIBRANT FOREST Metamorph (5.5% Pale Ale)
WEIRD BEARD Hit the Morning Lights (5.8% IPA with Orange & Coffee)
VIBRANT FOREST Metropolis (6.0% India Black Ale)
ARBOR Tiny the Welder (8.5% Double IPA)

Kegs in Marquee

KeyKegs In Bar    


All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope