The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

30th -31st May - Rivers of London Festival

Welcome to the Hope’s May cask beer festival of 2019. As always we present you with a varied range of styles and tastes from new breweries and well known favourites and with three different Milds for May, the first casks from Marble’s new brewery and a stunning Siren showcase. Plenty to get excited about!


Marble Trials #1 Session IPA 3.5%
Session I.P.A. Full aroma of citrus zest, cooking apples and pine resin. Bitter and crisp, with a flavour far bigger than its ABV.

Downlands Destiny’s Mild 3.5%
Dark Mild. Delicate nose of milk chocolate, followed by more chocolate laced with hints of oak and raisin in the mouth.

Twisted Barrel Beast Of A Midlands Mild 3.5%
Vanilla Mild. Aroma of custard and dried fruit. More fruit at the front of the flavour, bitter finish with subtle vanilla arriving late.

Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde 3.7%
Dark Mild. Smells like Christmas cake, sweet dried fruit and marzipan. Front-loaded flavour, full of dark fruit, leading to a sweet finish of banana and vanilla. Should have been called Oscar Mild…

Yeovil Ales Stargazer 4.0%
Best Bitter. Nose of freshly peeled apples, crisp and full bodied, with pecan and apples over a hint of caramel.

Good Chemisty Natural Selection 4.0%
Pale Ale. Cut grass and lime on the nose, leading to a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of under-ripe melon.

Downlands Best - Mystic 4.1%
Single hop best. Soft and smooth, a blend of honeycomb, toast and subtle caramel.

Red Willow Faithless #108 4.2%
Ekuanot & Chinook Pale. Citrus and pineapple on the nose, with a massive hit of grapefruit on the palate, gradually getting more bitter towards the end.

Oakham/Nethergate The Wizard Of Hopz 4.3%
Collab Hoppy Pale. Distinctive papaya on the nose, tropical fruit on the tongue and intensely bitter.

Pig & Porter Sky Without Sun 4.5%
American Amber. Candied oranges, both on the aroma and the taste, with definite hints of honey and chestnut on the finish.

Marble Trials #3 DDH Pale Ale 5.0%
Modern Pale Ale. Surprisingly clear for a DDH. Sweet and resinous, like tropical fruit punch; with mango, guava, pineapple, banana and grapefruit all present.

Cloudwater Take It From The Top 5.0%
West Coast Inspired Pale. Does what it sets out to do, this beer looks and tastes the part of a west coast IPA. All of the classic fresh cut grass, pine resin, grapefruit zest and crisp bitter finish.

Five Points/Ilkley Mary Hoppins 5.2%
Black I.P.A. Liquorice and lime on the nose, followed by more liquorice, blackcurrant and sultana in the mouth. The hops are more dominant in the nose than mouth, a balanced and round black IPA.

Five Points Derailed Porter 5.8%
Brett Porter. Cherries and chocolate on the aroma. Tart raspberry and dark chocolate flavours dominate, leading to a dry smokey finish.

Siren Craft Showcase Casks

Siren Craft Suspended in Mosaic 4.0%
Hazy Pale. Bursting with soft stone fruit; lychee, apricot, peach and mango. Sherbet quality, from the subtle tartness and softly effervescent mouthfeel.

Siren Craft White Tips 4.5%
White I.P.A. with citrus zest. Smells like a classic continental weisse beer, the flavour is much longer and more complex. Smooth vanilla and banana custard leading to a balancing bitterness with a sharper citrus bouquet on the finish, with undertones of fragrant white pepper.

Siren Craft Irish 7.4%
Wee Heavy with Barrel aged Coffee. Caramel and cream on the nose, mirrored on the tongue, with subtle sweet hints of whisky. The coffee complements and balances rather than dominates.

Siren Craft Maiden 11.0%
B.A. Barley Wine Blend. Rich and sweet, dark boozy fruit on the nose, like a fine old port. Complex and extravagant flavours; walnut, marzipan, blackberry, figs, liquorice, honey, truffle oil and brandy butter

Siren Craft Showcase Kegs

Siren Craft Suspended in Ekuanot 4.0%
Hazy Pale. Mango and nectarine on the nose. Big citrus flavours, coalescing into a distinctive lemon zest finish.

Siren Craft Double Double 6.0%
DDH Coffee Pale. Frontloaded coffee bitterness leads to a smooth creamy body with dried apricots and mango strips, leading back to fragrant coffee on the finish.

Siren Craft Ristretto Negroni 6.7%
Coffee cocktail ale. Delicate and fragrant on the nose, with berry notes of juniper and sloes. Subtle coffee notes underpin a beautiful arrangement of botanical flavours. Exotic and complex.

Siren Craft/Left Handed Giant Snake Legs 8.6%
Imperial Saison with Rhubarb. Classic belgian saison on the nose, with all the pepper and marmalade and yeasty notes. Complex, basey and spicey, yeast flavours underpin a smooth rhubarb melody of sweetness leading to a sharper finish.

Siren Craft Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake 10.5%
Death in a glass. Rich and decadent. Dark chocolate layered with cherries, dark rum, blackberries, and clotted cream. Sticky and delicious, this lethal finale to the CCC series epitomizes the imperial dessert stout.

Kegs In Bar

Magic Rock Nanosecond 2.7%
Micro I.P.A. Lychee and passionfruit on the nose, leading to a crisp and massively hoppy table beer. No malt flavours allowed!

Chorlton Vanilla Brett 4.4%
Vanilla Sour. Powerful vanilla on the nose, smooth, sweet and creamy. Jaw-pinchingly sour on the initial flavour, building and persistent, softening to the smooth vanilla of the nose, right at the end.

Burning Sky Indecision Time 5.6%
Citra Pale. Grapefruit and guava on the nose. Huge citra hit in the mouth, with all the familiar grapefruit and pine resin. Miaow (from pubcat).

Polly’s Brew Co Amarillo Citra Pale Ale 5.9%
Pale Ale. Nose of pineapple sherbet, with subtler peach. Dry and bitter, but bursting with tropical fruit, more pineapple, with apricot, lemon and grapefruit playing counterpoint.

Weird Beard Two Minutes To Flame Out 6.5%
Pale Ale. Bitter and zesty, crisp lemon at the front, dry and smokey at the back, dangerously easy drinking.

Left Handed Giant New Best Friend 6.7%
I.P.A. Juicebomb. Fragrant and bitter, papaya, mango, fresh strawberry fading to angel delight, with hints of white grape and nectarine.

Wylam/To Øl A Warning To The Curious 7.4%
Salted Orange Porter. If fresh orange juice, Terry's chocolate orange, seville marmalade, quality street orange cream and triple sec had an orgiastic love child, it'd be this beer.


Lilley's ‘Pineapple’ Somerset fruit cider (S) 4%

Sandford Orchands ‘Fanny's Bramble’ Devon scrumpy with fresh blackberries (M) 4%

Seacider ‘Raspberry Ripple’ Sussex fruit cider (S) 4%

Gwatkins ‘No Bull’ Award-winning Hereford scrumpy (M) 4.5%


All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope