The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"EKF Beer Fest"

Too Cold for Cask outside, so

It's The Hope's first Evil Keg Filth Festival

Welcome to the Hope’s first ever keg beer festival!
With the growing popularity and creativity in crafting keg beers, we wanted to put on a showcase of some of the best stuff coming from our favourite breweries, as well as a few rare and special beers from cutting-edge, small batch brewers.
Put aside your preconceptions, and open your mind and your palette to the possibilities.

We are proud to present: EVIL KEG FILTH!

Kegs In Bar    

Front Bar First Wave

SIREN CRAFT  ‘Suspended In Neon’ 4.0% Reading. New England Session Pale with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

VERDANT ‘Lightbulb’ 4.5% Falmouth. Extra Pale Ale with Magnum and Simcoe hops.

CLOUDWATER  ‘DDH Pale’ 5.5% Manchester. Extremely hoppy pale ale.

VERDANT ‘Putty’ 8.0% Falmouth. Limited edition Double IPA with Mosaic, Galaxy and Azacca.

GIPSY HILL ‘Zazel’ 5.0% Gipsy Hill. Framboise-style raspberry sour.

SIREN CRAFT x TRACK ‘Strawberry Praline’ 7.4% Reading x Manchester. American-style dessert stout with strawberries, lactose and hazelnut extract.
WEIRD BEARD ‘B.A. Opulence’ 10.9% West London. Bourbon-barrel aged Imperial Stout with vanilla.

As first wave runs out, it will be replaced by:

Front Bar Second Wave

WYLAM ‘Dank Marvin’ 8.6% Newcastle. Cryo-Hopped Double IPA with Citra, Amarillo and Centennial.

CLOUDWATER ‘Belgian Pale Ale’ 5.5% Manchester. Dry-hopped pale ale brewed with Belgian yeast.

SIREN CRAFT ‘C.C.C. Ginger’ 7.4% Reading. Dessert stout with cypress wood, cacao nibs, lactose, ginger root and spices.

WEIRD BEARD ‘Impy Hating Hippie’ 9.0% West London. Imperial stout with cinnamon, cardamom, rose petals and lactose.

Kegs in Marquee
Back Bar First Wave

WEIRD BEARD  ‘Dark Hopfler’ 2.5%  West London. Dark Milk Ale, low strength but full of flavour.

BREW BY No. ‘DDH Session IPA’ 4.2%  Bermondsey. Session IPA heavily dry-hopped with Simcoe and Ekuanot.

MOOR x BERRI TXARRAK    ‘Do It Together’ 5.2% Bristol x Spanish Basque rock trio. Mango and Tea Pale Ale.

ARBOR    ‘Tiny The Welder’ 8.5% Bristol. Rebrew of a favourite Double IPA, first appeared in 2014.

KERNEL  ‘Damson Saison’ 5.5% Bermondsey. Rustic style beer with added fruit.

WEIRD BEARD x J WAKEFIELD BREWING ‘Saltacious Plum’ 5.2% West London x Miami. Kettle sour with Plum and Blackcurrant, and a twist of salt.

KERNEL ‘Export Stout - Raspberry’ 6.4% Bermondsey. Exciting twist on their usual Stout, replacing the hops with huge amounts of fresh raspberries.

As first wave runs out, it will be replaced by:

Back Bar Second Wave

MARBLE ‘Petite’ 2.8%  Manchester. Small IPA with Enigma, Simcoe, Amarillo, Lemon Drop and Citra hops. Light mixed malt base.

SIREN CRAFT ‘Saturnalia’ 7.0% Reading. Cherry sour with orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, lactose and star anise.

PARTIZAN ‘D.I.P.A.’ 8.2% Bermondsey. Heavily Dry-Hopped Double IPA, with Vic Secret, Ekuanot and Cascade hops.

KERNEL ‘Centennial Saison’ 5.1% Bermondsey. Dry-hopped beer with a tangy rustic yeast.

DOWNLANDS ‘Deep Circle’ 5.1% West Sussex. Brand-new Simcoe IPA.

PARTIZAN ‘Raspberry Choc Brownie Porter’ 6.0%  Bermondsey. Slightly tart dessert stout. Allow to warm a little in the glass for a richer chocolate flavour.


BURNING SKY ‘Petite Saison’ 3.5%                         
‘Swamper’ 3.5% NE Pale
MARBLE ‘North-South’ 4.2% Session IPA                 
‘Rubus’ 4.5% Hazy Pale 
VIBRANT FOREST ‘Chinook’ 5.0% Hazy Pale
SIREN ‘Cuvee Brut’ 6.0% Oaked Brut IPA                 
MARBLE ‘Hopoplata’ 7.2% West Coast IPA
GIPSY HILL ‘Baller’ 5.6% Hazy IPA
MONDO ‘Yuzu’ 4.6% Fruited XPA
‘Wake & Bake’ 8.0% DIPA


7 Handpulls in the bar as usual, With some real specials:

CLOUDWATER x BURNING SKY ‘Reassuring Ritual’ 6.0% IPA
Any strong IPA from either of these breweries is always fantastic, so when they collaborate the results should be phenomenal. Also incredibly fresh!

SIREN CRAFT ‘Black Light Banana’ 9.2% Imperial Stout
From the 2016 Rainbow Project, this special little monster was made with molasses, blow-torched bananas, banana puree and bourbon-barrel aged coffee.
Matured in the Hope cellar, this should be truly unique.


About 5,

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope