The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"A Winter's Tail"

29th November onwards will be our Dark Beer Fest

Welcome to the Hope’s Dark beer festival, the most anticipated and exciting festival of the year. Join us in celebrating the beers of the colder months with this collection of treats.
Happy Drinking!

Bank Top Mild 4.0%
Traditional, easy drinking dark mild. Aroma of chestnut with clean roasted malt flavours.

Gun Parabellum 4.1%
Pitch black milk stout. Pleasantly dry with a creamy finish and a full, soft mouthfeel.

Pig & Porter Perpetual Paradox 4.2%
Sessionable black pale ale. Deceptively dark, only the colour and initial bitterness differentiates it from a pale ale. Cascade hops give a distinctive grapefruit finish.

High Weald Charcoal Burner 4.3%
Smoked oatmeal stout. Burnt sugar aroma, the initial sweetness leads to notes of toffee, butter and a background smokiness.

Downlands Old 4.4%
Sussex-style old ale. Dry and easy going, with warm woody flavours throughout. Closer to a dark mild than a winter warmer.

Weird Beard Black Christmas 4.5%
Cranberry stout. Begins with bitter cocoa; the cranberry builds slowly into a tart fruity finish. Surprisingly intense.

Whitstable Oyster Stout 4.5%
Complex aroma of toasted malts and the sea. Smooth, silky mouthfeel and a lingering salty tang on the palate.

Kent Yule Log 4.5%
Chocolate cream stout. Thick and sweet; the cream dominates, with subtler chocolate and biscuit flavours.

Wantsum UXB? 4.6%
Raspberry porter. Powerful fruit nose. Complex on the palate with both sweet and sharpness from the raspberries, underpinned with rich porter bitterness.

Downton Mint Chocolate Stout 5.0%
Like the impossible love-child of an After-Eight, a mint Aero, and a solid wheat stout. Less sweet than you might expect.

Downton Coconut Milk Stout 5.0%
Smooth and creamy, the coconut notes are delicate and the finish is bitter. Dark chocolate bounty in a glass.

Siren Craft Cold Blooded 5.4%
Cold-steeped coffee porter. Balanced and clean, begins with classic roasted malts, the coffee builds into an aromatic finish.

Marble Stouter Stout 5.7%
Stout. Full bodied and rich leading to a complex, dry finish. Notes of liquorice, coffee and raisin.

Mad Squirrel Burning Effigy 6.0%
Smoked porter with a bonfire bouquet. Initial soft, malty sweetness leads into a warm, smoky finish. Flavours of dried fruit compete with a backbone of dark wood.

Weird Beard Nuttin’ Else Matters 6.5%
Peanut oatmeal stout. Rich and sweet to start, the dry nut flavour arrives late as the beer develops in your mouth. Confusingly tangy aroma, like a white wine.

Kissingate Black Eyed Susan 6.8%
Strong dark mild. Huge depth of sweet flavours, matched by the complex nose. Muscavado sugar, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and cherries all vie for your attention.

Siren Craft Caribbean Chocolate Cake 7.4%
Dessert stout with lactose, vanilla, cypress wood and cacao nibs, aged in rum barrels. Like drinking cake, this hope-cellar aged centerpiece of the festival has to be tasted to be believed.

Kissingate Blue Murder 8.0%
Blueberry imperial stout. Subtle liquorice, oak and raisin, with a prevailing sweet blueberryness. Boozy and delicious, this rare cask was blended specially for this festival.

Kegs In Marquee

Siren Craft Medjuica 4.8%
Hazy IPA. Fresh, fruity aroma, bursting with bitter tropical flavours on the tongue. Mango and papaya, with grapefruit on the finish.

Gypsy Hill Dodger 5.0%
Lemon sherbet sour. Zesty on the nose and very much fizzes on the tongue. This perfect palette cleanser is only missing the lollipop to dip in it.

Kegs In Bar       
Partizan White Negroni Saison 4.0%
Initial white pepper followed by dry bitterness. Crisp, light and refreshingly unusual. A delicate interpretation of an unlikely combination.

Gypsy Hill Baller 5.6%
Cloudy IPA. Fresh, zingy and fruity. Strong flavours of lemon complemented with hints of lychee and pine.

Siren Craft Sweet Dream 6.1%
Chocolate milk stout. Skip the stout, this beer is thick, sweet chocolate milk.

Magic Rock Yeah-Yeah-Yeah 6.2%
Double-dry hopped brut IPA. Crisp and dry, with distinct notes of peach and sherbert. Long developing finish.

Fourpure Sugar Skull 7.4%
Mexican chocolate and habanero chilli stout. Rich, thick and sweet. Loads of chilli flavours, but barely any heat, just a slight lingering prickle on the front of the tongue.

Siren Craft Limoncello 9.1%
Double IPA with lactose, lemon juice and zest. Sharp, clean and stunning. Dangerously easy drinking, this rare re-brew tastes much lighter than it should.

Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss 11.5%
Coffee imperial stout. Intense aroma of fresh, black coffee, mirrored by the initial explosion on the palette. Big roasted flavours that keep on developing, with bitterness and sweetness hand in hand for the duration.

Seacider Raspberry Ripple’ 4% Sweet

Rich’s ‘Legbender’ 6% Dry

Lilley’s ‘Darkcider’ 7.5% Medium

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope