The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Measure for measure"

Welcome to the October beer festival. With the end of the summer upon us and the autumn leaf fall in full swing there’s a bigger focus on the darker, warming, seasonal beers, from the traditional winter ales and stouts to the more modern red rye style.

There are still a few hop bombs and a couple of breweries new to The Hope for you to try. Enjoy and wrap up warm!


SIRENCRAFT Half Mast (2.8% Session IPA)

Lemon pith on the nose, I.P.A. characteristics, smooth, well rounded.

HOWLING HOPS Tropical Deluxe (3.8% Session Pale)

Opaque. Mango, hints of Guava. A dry bitter finish contrasts with the fruit flavours.

COASTAL Skull Monster (4. 0% Golden Ale)

Malty. Balanced sweetness. French and Slovenian hops used.

ISLAND Wight Gold (4.0% Golden Ale)

Golden. Crisp white head. Fruity nose. Lingering bitterness on the finish.

SIRENCRAFT Suspended in Cereal (4.0% New England Pale)

Flaked barley provides the cereal element. Hazy. Amarillo, Mosaic & Simcoe hops. Very drinkable.

ORIGAMI Knee Panda (4.0% Citra Pale)

Clear. Weiss beer nose and finish. Hint of banana. Lightly hopped and refreshing.

CROSS BAY Witching Hour (4.4% Wheat Ale)

Subtle smokiness over a rich malty backbone. Cherry, blackberry and hazelnut notes.

TINY REBEL Chur-Bro (4.4% NZ Pale)

Kiwi fruit dominates. Sharp. Tart. New Zealand hop hit to balance.

VIBRANT FOREST Juncus (4.5% Pale Ale)

Citra, Ekuanot & Amarillo hops combine for a fresh piny flavour that lingers alongside the expected tropical fruit flavours.

ACORN Phantasm (4.5% Pale Ale)

Dr Rudi & Waimea hops. Sweet aroma. Woody. Soft flavours.

ASCOT Autumn Classic (4.6% Winter Ale)

Winter warmer. Toasted malt. Caramel. Muscavado. Burnt, nutty finish.

BINGHAMS Woodsmoke (5.0% Stout)

Smokey but not aggressively so. Dark chocolate bitterness. Vanilla. Not too heavy.

DOWNLANDS Red October (5.2% Red IPA)

American hopped Red Rye IPA. Heavy on rye, spicy malt and big hop flavours. Dry finish.

ACORN Gorlovka (6.0% Imperial Stout)

Everything a stout should have. Coffee, chocolate, liquorice, dark malts, smooth. Bold yet comfortable.

KENT Green Giant (6.0% Green Hopped IPA)

Big initial hit of green hops from Kent. Boozy with a sweet, if short, finish.

Kegs in Marquee

ARBOR Zero Zero (4.3% New England Pale)

Crisp, session strength New England Pale. Smooth and mellow tropical fruit flavours.

GIPSY HILL Moxie (4.5% Fruit Salad Sour)

Kettle sour. Nose of the famous chewy sweet. Raspberry & Pineapple. Tart. 

KeyKegs In Bar    

ARBOR Citrus Maximus (4.0% Citrus Fruit Pale)

Lemon & Lime pale. Collaboration with Red Willow. The zest of both fruits combined with Citra hops. Zesty. Citrussy. Moreish. Lives up to it’s name.

PARTIZAN Atomium (5.0% Belgian Pale)

Belgian yeast and herby notes to the fore in this classic Belgian Pale.

PIG & PORTER Side Effects of Growing Up (5.4% Rowanberry Saison)

Brewed with Saison yeast with Rowanberry added. Light, floral. Fruity. 

BURNING SKY Easy Answers (6.0% IPA)

Clean. Piney nose. A smooth and easy drinking IPA loaded with hops.

MONDO Br-Ya-Oh-Ya (7.2% West Coast IPA)

Collaboration with Melvin Brewing Company & Devil Craft Brewing. Mikan peel added to a classic West Coast IPA. Resiny.


ALPHA STATE Farmhouse (8.1% DIPA)

Orange Zest and a boozy kick dominate. Saison Dupont yeast adds body and interest to this double IPA. Quite Dry

VIBRANT FOREST Black October (9.0% Imperial Stout)

Russian Imperial Stout. molasses, liquorice, sweet, warming.



All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope