The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"London Pouring"

26th - 28th October 2017

Plus! SeaCider & Halloween Party Sat 28th 8pm

Welcome to the Hope's Autumn beer festival. We would like to extend all of our thanks to you for helping us win Camra's greater London pub of the year award for the fourth time! Let us celebrate with this eclectic selection of beers from some of the UKs finest independent breweries. As always third pint measures are available so please try and go through the card and try everything! Good luck and cheers! 


Mighty Oak 'Witch Hazel' 3.9%
A very pale German hopped Halloween special with a hint of wheat in the malt bill.

Blue Monkey 'Planet of the Apes' 4.0%
An golden amber bitter with a good balance of traditional malt flavour and citrusy hops.

Twickenham 'Strange Brew' 4.1%
A dark orange coloured hoppy pale ale brewed with 5 hop varieties from both Europe and the U.S.A.

Mighty Oak 'Endeavour' 4.2%
A traditional English best bitter with a copper colour. A buscuity malty flavour with hints of berries and spice from the u.k. hops.

Weird Beard 'Hippy hating hippy' 4.2%
A stout brewed with rose petal flowers.

Whitstable 'Good as Goldings' 4.3%
A light coloured English bitter brewed with fresh green Goldings hops.

Moor 'Confidence' 4.6%
A red ale with lots of juicy hops to balance the toffee malt background. Unfined and suitable for vegans so may be a tad hazy.

Mad Squirrel 'Sumo' 4.7%
The brewery's new A.P.A. Summit and Mosaic hops dominate the flavour of this citrusy beer.

Brightside 'Cafe Miel' 4.8%
A one off small batch brewed milk coffee stout. Contains lactose.

Whitstable 'Green Glory' 4.8%
A strong English pale ale with fresh green hops.

BBF 'Mishchief' 5.0%
A single hopped American pale ale with the little used Jarrylo hop. Orange, pear and banana flavours from this unusual hop.

Coastal 'Cornish Porter' 5.0%
A classic robust dark porter from Cornwall, traditional and warming. 

Weird Beard 'Epsomnia' 5.3%
The last of this festivals green hopped beer. This is extra special as the hops were grown and supplied locally from two of our core regulars.

RAW 'Choc Ghost' 5.9%
A chocolate infused Black IPA. The balance of chocolate and new world hops will confuse you.

Salopian 'Danger Mousse' 6.0%
A collaboration with the now gypsy brewery Waen. An ultra pale strong hoppy pale ale.

Mad Squirrel 'Roadkill' 6.5%
This IPA is brewed in the American east coast style with lots of oats and lots of hops to keep the beer looking opaque (beer is dry hopped with yeast still in suspension rendering finings useless, this beer will look like juice) super smooth mouth feel with lots of grapefruit flavours.

Kegs in Marquee

Siren '10 Finger Discount' 7.4%
IPA brewed with exclusively Citra hops and Cedar wood.

Siren 'The Tickle Monster' 11%
A triple IPA brewed with lots of hops and mango.

Siren 'Hard Rolling' 7%
An oat IPA brewed with Ekuanot, Mandarina and Hallertau Blanc hops. 

KeyKegs In Bar

The Kernel 'Brett Pale' 4.2%
Wild yeast pale ale.

Siren 'Rum B.A. Broken Dream' 6.5
Rum barrel aged coffee milk stout.

The Kernel 'London Brick' 7.3%

Thornbridge 'Huck' 7.4%
American IPA style. 

Moor 'JJJ' 9.0%
Rare, small batch double IPA.

Pig and Porter 'Mango Daiquiri IPA' 7.3%
Cocktail IPA

Kent 'Mosaic Pale' 4.5%


Gwynt Y Draig 'Fiery Fox' Med/Dry 6.5%

2 Trees 'Perry' 4.5%

Rich's Legbender Dry 6.0%

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope