The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Disraeli Beers"

28th - 30th Sept 2017

Welcome to our first beer festival of the new season. Still plenty of hoppy beers before winter really descends on us so don't panic!
The brewery Vibrant Forest will be joining us for drinks and beer chats Thursday evening so don't miss.
As usual third measures are available  as well as pints and halves so try everything. Good luck! 


Downlands 'Green Hopped 13' 3.6% 
A green hopped version of the brewery's flagship session pale. Light and dry.

Red Willow 'Effortless' 3.7%
A session pale brewed with ultra fruity New Zealand hops.

Siren 'Hit the Ice' 4% 
A contemporary session IPA with full of new world hop character. Very hazy and juicy mouth feel.

Salopian 'Treasure Trove' 4%
A golden bitter with hops and malt in harmony. 

Downlands 'Cloud physics' 4.1%
A dry bitterness balanced by a stunning sweetness of vanilla and peach. 

Oakham 'Velvet Claws' 4.2%
A light bitter brewed with American and German hops.

Salopian 'Sienna' 4.4% 
A golden brown bitter with hints of lime and orange blossom flavours.

Thornbridge 'Hirundo' 4.5%
A very quaffable pale ale with a complex hop profile.

Wimbledon 'Hop Harvest' 4.5% 
A celebration of the northern hemisphere hop harvest, fruit flavours balanced again a biscuity malt base.

Kent 'The new black' 4.8% 
A black pale ale. A smooth mouthfeel with a misleading colour.

Thornbridge 'Peverel' 4.5% 
A single hop Mosaic pale ale giving lots grapefruit and citrusy hop flavours.

Dark Star 'Hophead extra' 5.8%
2% more than regular hop head with extra additions of Citra hops.

Vibrant Forest Cask
The following beers are unfined and served hazy...

Summerlands 3.5% -Flag ship dry hopped golden session IPA.

Flying Saucer 4.3% - A golden hoppy bitter.

Picea 4.5% - Simcoe and Ekuanot making love in a glass. 
(also available in keg,)

Black Forest 5% - A traditional full bodied and rich porter. 

Outdoor bar kegs
Pig & Porter ‘Sandstorm’ 4.9% 
Siren ‘Santo Del Frio’ 5.0% - Dry Hopped American Lager          
Siren ‘Middle Finger Discount’ 7.4% - IPA with Mosaic & Cedar Wood

Kegs In Bar    

Vibrant Forest kegs
Also unfined and served hazy...

Zuur Blackberry 3.5% fruit sour.

Outlander 4% dry hopped rye beer.

Picea 4.5% Simcoe/Ekuanot pale. 

Denali 5% a single hop pale ale. 

Chinook 5% a single hop pale ale.

Arbor Breakfast Stout 7.4%  full, rich and flavoursome.


Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.2%
Hecks Farmhouse Dry 6.0%
Rich’s Farmhouse Dry 6.0%
Seacider  Strawberry  4.0%

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope