The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Drinker, Drayman, Cellarman, Spile"

25th - 27th May 2017

Nearly Here!

Welcome to our spring beer festival. This is one of our biggest line ups ever with lots of choice from some of the UK's most exciting and innovative micro breweries.
So the sun is out and you are not at work Monday (probably) so why not try and have a crack at everything, third pints available as usual!
Enjoy and cheers...


Siren craft 'Half Mast' 2.8%
A fine session IPA for this hot weather. You'll have to try it to believe that such a low abv beer can have so much flavour and depth.

Magic Rock 'Hatrick' 3.7%
An unfixed and modern take on a classic bitter. A new world fruity dry hop on top of an amber hazy malt body.

Crouch Vale  'Chinook' 4.1%
A straw coloured, single hop pale ale. Hints of pine and grapefruit with a long bitter finish.

Blue Bee 'Ekuanot' 4.2%
An American style golden ale brewed with Equinox hops giving the beer an extremely new world fruity aroma of dank citrus and zesty pith.

True North 'Pale Ale' 4.3%
A pale ales brewed with Chinook and Willemette hops, bitter with floral aromas.

Blue Bee 'American 5 Hop' 4.3%
A very refreshing and very hoppy pale ale brewed with El Dorardo, Equinox, Columbus, Citra & Simcoe hops.

Vocation 'Heart & Soul' 4.4%
A sessionable strength IPA with lots of new world hop flavours balanced on top of flavourful malt body.

Reunion 'Beardtongue' 4.5%
A complex and traditional ruby best bitter with malt flavours of toffee and caramel with a dry finish.

Moor 'Amoor' 4.5%
A traditional full bodied porter beer brewed with oats for added depth and smooth mouth feel.

Vocation 'Chop & Change' 4.5%
Single hopped golden ale brewed with the Australian hop Topaz. Resinous and oily flavour with hints of citrus and grass.

Bristol Beer Factory 'Sorachi' 4.7%
Sorachi Ace hops were originally grown and cultivated in Japan. They give this single hop pale beer unusual hints of vanilla, marmalade and fruity bubblegum.

True North 'Red Rye' 4.7%
A red beer with a slightly spicy toffee malt base but with a bitter finish
And a burst of orange and apricot flavours from the NZ hop Rakau.

Black Jack 'Devil's Bedpost' 5%
A golden IPA brew with a trio of NZ hops; Ella, Dr Rudi and Motuaka. A dry and refreshing moist beer full of NZ hop character, pine needles and gooseberry flavours.

Bristol Beer Factory '12 Apostles' 5%
An extra light malt base lets all the Australian hops sing through in this beer. Hints of melon, citrus and passion fruit with a bitter after taste.

Kent 'Old Jamaica' 5.1%
A classic sweet style stout brewed with toffee and fiery ginger. Based on an old Jamaican recipe.

Oakham 'Dr Phobia' 5.2%
A modern take on the 'extra special bitter' style. Dark chestnut coloured beer brewed with wheat, rye and barely offset with robust American hops.

Thornbridge 'Hubble' 5.2%
A very light coloured body, an American pale ale brewed with lots of Simcoe, Amarillo and  mosaic hops.

Arbor 'Shambala IPA' 6.8%
Arbor's new IPA is a scaled up version of their ultra hoppy session IPA Shangrila-la. So much dry hop...

Kegs in Marquee

Siren craft 'Fresher' 8%
A new DIPA hop monster.

Buxton/Lervig 'Trolltunga' 6.3%
A Gooseberry sour IPA.

Wild Beer Co 'Billionaire' 10%
A salt caramel Imperial Stout

KeyKegs In Bar    

Boon Kriek 6.5%
Classic Belgian Lambic. Sour beer brewed with cherries.

Blue Bee 'Son of a Peach' 5.2%
A pale ale brewed with Citra and El Derado hops and lots of peach juice.

Alpha State 'Cream Ale' 5.5%
A classic American beer style. Brewed like a lager but fermented like an ale.

Gun 'Imperial Stout' 7.5%
A vegan stout.

Buxton 'Sonriser' 4.7%
An American breakfast pale ale brewed with clementine and lemon juice and a heavy new world dry hop.

Arbor 'Shambala IPA' 6.8%
New west coast style IPA. Available here both on cask and keg so you can decide what format you prefer.


All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope