The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Great Fermentations"

 30 March - 1st April 2017

Welcome to the Hope's first beer festival of 2017! The future is here and this festival celebrates everything that is going on in the current beer revolution. Gone are the days when the best of British beer tasted of caramel and grass.

There is something for everyone here but a major focus on the characteristics of the new world hop flavours and general beer experimentation without compromising on drinkability. There are a lot of beers so 1/3s are available so you can enjoy the range!   Cheers...


Redemption 'Trinity' 3.0% A classic low strength APA. Special edition, dry hopped in cask (one of very few)

Howling Hops 'Pale #2' 3.8% Hoppy golden ale brewed with Australian Ella and Galaxy hops as well as American Chinook. 

Brodie's 'Piccadilly Pale' 3.8% A very hoppy light ale with great new world aromas from the dry hopping. 

Arbor 'Pocket Rocket' 3.8% Arbor's new session pale ale brewed with lots of Citra hops. 

Red Willow 'Faithless 66' 3.9% A pale ale brewed with new world hops and fermented with Vermont yeast to pull out flavours of peach. Bitter and fruity. 

Brodies Shoreditch Pale 3.9% New recipe tweaks, this beer is now a hoppy New Zealand pale ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin. Extremely fruity.

Coastal 'Merry Maidens Mild' 4.0% A traditional dark, malty mild from Cornwall with lots of depth of flavour.

Aylesbury 'Potemkin' 4.1% A dry and well hopped red ale.

Black Jack 'Solitaire' 4.3% A straw coloured best bitter.

Arbor 'Megs Bomb' 4.7% Hoppy American ale brewed with Mosaic, Equinox, Galaxy and Simcoe.

Red Willow 'Faithless 65' 4.8% A strong pale ale brewed Columbus, Amarillo and Centennial hops. Grapefruit and grassy with a dry finish. 

Dark Star 'American Brown' 5.0% A dark brown ale. A complex malt background starts with initial sweetness and ending in a tropical hop hit with a little bitterness. 

Vibrant Forest 'Cambrian Root' 5.0% A rich stout, black in colour, brewed with various forms of liquorice and hint of salt. 

Howling Hops 'XX Pale #2' 5.1% Strong hoppy pale ale brewed with Citra, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Cascade. Dry and fruity. 

Marble 'Up Hela Natten' 5.1% A coffee infused porter.

Vibrant Forest 'Kick Start' 5.7% A fantastically rich oatmeal stout brewed with coffee. Super smooth and rich. 

Oakham 'Oblivion' 5.7% A strongly hopped red English ale. 

Siren 'Bourbon Dream' 6.5% A bourbon barrel aged breakfast stout matured in our cellar for 3 months. 

Kegs In Marquee

Brodie's 'Mosaic Pale Ale' 5.4% Super hoppy APA, all Mosaic.

Magic Rock 'Demonali' 7.2% A new IPA with two very new hop varieties, Lemon Drops and Denali. 

Siren 'Hop Candy' 9.2% Double IPA dry hopped and brewed with lupoloid powder. 

Kegs In Bar

Magic Rock 'Aprication' 5.4% Apricot infused wheat beer.

Cloudwater 'Make apple pie great again' 6.3% Experimental brew, apple pie flavoured. Apple juice, skin and purée with cinnamon.

Wild Beer 'From the sea' 7% Sour beer brewed with sea creatures (lobster, cockles, seaweed and sea herbs)

Vibrant Forest 'Saigon' 7.1% Single hop Chinook IPA.

Partizan 'Stout' 7.7% Stout, export strength.

Alpha State 'DIPA' 9% Sorachi Ace double IPA.


Sea Cider ‘Strawberry’ 4.6%  Fruity!
Lilleys ‘Red Rabbit’ 6.0% Med/Dry, Cloudy.
Sanford Orchards ‘Old Kirton’ 6.0% Traditional and dry
Rich’s Farmhouse Dry 6.0% Dry Cider from Somerset

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope