The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Beer & Foaming in Carshalton"

 Thursday 1st Noon - Sat 3rd Dec 2016

Greetings and welcome to our Dark beer festival. Despite all the beers being black you are going to find quite a broad spectrum of flavours.

We have weak to strong beers, fresh brews and aged mature brews. Being dark, wintery and warming you will notice that the average ABV is a little

higher than at most festivals but do not panic, third pint measurements are available as well as pints and halves so be brave and try everything!

Enjoy, cheers! 


Dark Star ‘Over The Moon’ 3.8% 

A discontinued beer from Dark Star’s past. A hoppy black pale ale.

Thornbridge ‘Black Harry’ 3.9% 

A traditional Northern mild soft water brewed. Smooth chocolate flavours with a mild finish.

Dark Star ‘Old Chestnut’ 4% 

Another discontinued beer from Dark Star’s past. A traditional old ale.

Pilgrim ‘Saracen’ 4.5% 

A traditional Stout. Roasted flavours and burnt toast.

East London ‘Pearly Queen’ 4.5% 

A new London porter.

Downton ‘Mint Chocolypse’ 4.9% 

A stout brewed with wheat and then the addition of fresh mint and chocolate.

Downton ‘Coconut Wheat’ 5% 

Same base beer as above but additions of coconut to give some tropical flavour.

Bingham’s ‘Hope Special Stout’ 5% 

A one of special for us. Award winning Doodle stout with the addition of whiskey soaked French oak chips.

Ilkley ‘Hanging Stone’ 5% 

A classic oatmeal stout from Yorkshire.

Gadds ‘Dogbolter’ 5.6% 

A sturdy traditional robust porter with girth and bottom.

Dark Star “Creme Brûlée’ 5.9%

Not just a milk stout but the ultimate dessert beer. Chocolate, vanilla and lactose sugars. Smooth and silky.

Pig & Porter ‘Cast no Shadow’ 6%

Another dessert beer, as it’s Christmas. Chocolate and Orange added to a porter bass!

Gadd’s ‘Black Pearl’ 6.2%

A slightly less common style of stout, the oyster stout. Brewed with fresh Kent oysters!

Kissingate ‘Black Cherry En Plus’ 7%

The multi award winning mild brewed to insanity strength, extra cherries + the addition of cherry brandy. A real winter warmer.

Uprising ‘Scumbag Maggot’ 8.5%

This Imperial stout has been the Hope cellar for over a year, so it’s nearly ready ;) whiskey barrel aged and matured with juniper berries.

Vibrant Forest ‘Black October’ 9%

This unfined export strength stout has been our a cellar for nearly a year, infact it entered it’s vessel 14/01/16. So again it’s nearly ready to drink ;)

Just incase the above wasn’t enough on the hand pumps in the bar you shall find:

In the main bar…

Kissingate’s ‘A Murder of Crows’ 10%. 

An Imperial Stout originally inspired by us at the Hope. Multi awarded including the over all winner of Susses Beer Festival. 

Magic Rock ‘Punchline Porter’ 5.4%

A chocolate porter brewed with Chipotle chillies for a smokey hit.

KeyKegs In Bar      (Incase you need a break from the black beer)

Weird Beard ‘Maiden’ England’ 4.5%

A green (fresh, wet) hop pale ale. This beer was grown with hops from two of regulars garden! Well done! 

Vibrant Forest ‘Simecoe’ 5%

Unfined pale ale exclusively brewed with North American Simcoe hops.

Lervig ‘Sur Yule’ 5.3%

A dark, rich spice Christmas beer SOURED. Tis the season…

Siren ’10 Dollar Shake’ 6.6%

Fruit Smoothie IPA (contains lactose) IPA brewed with Passion fruit, Papya and Mango.

Lervig ‘Passion Tang’ 7%

A kettle soured Passion fruit beer. 

Alpha State ‘DIPA’ 9%

Probably one of the hoppiest beers on planet Earth. Latest edition with Simcoe and Mosaic. 


All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope