The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Ale Inn"

 Thursday 23rd Noon - Sat 25th June 2016

Welcome to The Hope's 'ALE INN' festival. (Alien)

Beers from across the cosmos and between the dimensions of time.

Third pint measures are available as well as halves and pints so please try everything and enjoy



Downland 'Elektron' 3.2%

A hoppy and sessionable amber ale. A toffee malty backbone with a dry bitter finsih.

Thornbridge 'Wild Swan' 3.5%
A very clean and crisp pale ale. Unassuming malt profile with an earthy lemon hop twang.

Red Willow 'Stateless' 3.9%
A pale ale brewed with three American C hops, Cascade, Columbus and Chinook.

Oakham 'Mk VII' 3.9%
A tawny coloured bitter with a nice dry finish, hopped with Mosaic, Chinook and Cascade.

Coastal 'Handliner' 4%
A traditional copper coloured bitter from Cornwall.

Dark Star 'Seville' 4%
A golden coloured bitter brewed with fresh Spanish Seville oranges. This not only imparts lots of juicy citrus but a fruity bitterness.

Red Willow 'Weightless' 4.2%
A session strength IPA brewed with U.S. Simcoe hops.

Roosters 'Shipton' 4.2%
An session E.S.B.

Oakham 'Enough Rope' 4.3%
A hoppy amber ale brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic and Chinook.

Downland 'Summer Stout' 4.4%
A sessionable stout brewed with Summit hops. Hints of chocolate and coffee.

Arbor 'Lime Light' 4.5%
A very light and refreshing pale ale brewed with fresh lime zest.

Ilkley 'Rombald' 4.6%
An American amber style ale, a big malt bill with hints of honey and biscuit balanced against a big hit of juicy hops.

Acorn 'Cardinal IPA' 5%
A Slovenian hopped IPA. Earthy, grassy and subtle hints of lime from these hops.

Bad Seed 'White Stout' 5%
All the flavours of a good stout. Roasted malts with hints of coffee and liquorice BUT pale in colour. Confused?

Roosters 'Red Baron' 5.7%
A red India ale. Juicy, sticky sweet and complex malt profile with lots of hops to balance that sweetness.

Siren 'Proteus IPA' 6.9%
A BIG hoppy West Coast style IPA brewed with new world hops. Usually only packaged in keg, always rare in cask.


Lervig 'Blabaer Tonka Sur' 7.9% (Norway)
A blueberry and Tonka bean sour.

The Kernel 'London Sour Raspberry' 2.9%
Sour, Raspberry.

Schlenkerla 'Maerzen' 5% (Germany)
Black. Heavy smoke. Tastes like bacon. Contains no bacon.

Magic Rock 'Vinification' 6.1%
White grape infused wheat beer.

The Wild Beer Co 'Smoke 'n' Barrels' 4.7%
Lager. Smoking. Rosemary. Sage. Cherry wood.

Black Iris 'Better The Devil You Know' 5.5%
Aussie hops. IPA.

Cloudwater 'US Light Comet' 3.6%
Light ale. Comets hops.

The Kernel '4C IPA' 6.7%
IPA with 4 American C Hops.

Lervig 'Konrad Stout - Special edition' 11% (Norway)
Imperial Stout. Port barrel aged with cherries!


3 Boxes. TBC.

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope