The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Dial 'M' for Mild"

 Thursday 26th Noon - Sat 28th May 2016

Welcome to our 'Dial M for Mild festival' 

5 milds sourced from across the country as well as many other fine beer styles, independently brewed and full of flavour.

Third pint measures are available as well as halves and pints so please try everything and enjoy.

Mild ale is a low-gravity beer with a predominantly malty palate that originated in Britain in the 17th century or earlier.

Modern mild ales are mainly dark coloured with an abv of 3% to 3.6%, although there are lighter hued examples as well as stronger examples reaching 6% abv and higher.


Wantsum Black Prince Mild 3.9%
A rich, dark traditional Kent mild. Smooth pallet with subtle hop notes.

Thornbridge Black Harry Dark 3.9%
A dark traditional Derbyshire mild. Hints of berries and liquorice with sweet finish.

Great Heck Voodoo Mild 4.3%
A dark traditional Yorkshire mild. Flavours of chocolate and coffee from the roasted malts.

Downland Hop Contract 3 4.3%
A trio of new world hops, Soracha Ace, Mosaic and Summit. Pale in colour, dry finish with lots of tropical fruit flavour. 

Summer Wine Valencia Pale 4.3
A session I.P.A. brewed with Citra hops. Light amber in colour with a fruity finish.

Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.4%
A well hopped golden bitter brewed with a blend of English and American hops.

Black Jack Duel 4.5%
Galena and Comet hops come together in this ultra dry pale ale.

Kissingate Gardenia Light Mild 4.5%
An Amber mild with Bay, Rosemary and Thyme. It's like drinking an English garden!

Siren White Tips 4.6%
An IPA brewed with wheat beer yeast, spices and citrus zest. 

Oakham Akhenaten 4.9%
A super juicy pale ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe, Motueka and Galena hops.

Blue Monkey Monkey Mild 5.0%
A traditional strong ruby mild from Nottinghamshire.

Thornbridge Crackendale 5.0%
A strong juicy pale ale exclusively brewed with Citra.

Arbor The Devil Made Me Brew It 5.5%
A super dry stout, dry hopped. Burnt roasted malt flavours.

Kissingate Metal Cat 5.8%
An amber colour strong bitter. Complex and interesting peach and toffee flavours.

Vibrant Forest Kaleidescope IPA 6.5%
An unfined (naturally hazy) new world psychedelic I.P.A.

Sarah Hughes Hedgerow 7.4%
An all English hopped (Admiral & Bramling Cross) barely wine.

Kegs in Marquee

Alpha State 'Black IPA' 6%
BIPA with Mosaic/Galaxy hops.

Mikkeller 'Pop that Cherry' 6.5% (Denmark)
A cherry sour, collaboration with Lervig.

Lervig 'Super Sawa Yuzu' 7.4% (Norway)
A Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) sour.


Kegs In Bar

The Kernel 'Polaris Pale ale' 5.2%
New world German pale ale.

Beavertown 'UY SCUTI' 5.7%
Invasion of the Lupuloids IPA series, new experimental IPA. 

Beavertown/Heretic 'Peacher Man' 6.2%
Vanilla pods, lemon zest and peach juice. Peach cobbler wit.

Arbor 'Crouching Chilli, Hidden Mango' 6.3%
Mango and Chilli Saison.

Uprising 'Caramel Macchiato' 6.4%
A caramel, chocolate and coffee stout

Gipsy Hill 'Drifter' 7%
Super hoppy and hazy American style IPA, the west coast - lots of hops!


Lilleys Bee Sting Perry 6.0%  (Keg) Med/Sweet
Circle Cat’s Tongue 6.1% Dry
Gwynt Y Draig Ancient Warrior  6.5% Dry
Gwynt Y Draig Celtic Warrior  5.5% Sweet

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope