The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Barman Returns"

 Thursday 21st Noon - Fri 22nd April 2016

Please Note Festival finishes Friday night.

Welcome to our beer festival. A range of ale sourced from across the country from some of the most exciting independent micro breweries.

Third pint measures are available as well as pints and halves so please enjoy and try everything. Good luck and cheers.


Hawkshead 'Windermere Pale' 3.5%
A refreshing pale ale brewed with Lakeland water and Maris Otter malt. 3 English hops and late hopped with Citra.
Saltaire 'South Island Pale' 3.5%
A very light pale ale brewed with New Zealand hops from Tasman Bay. Dry and citrus.
Big Smoke 'Solaris' 3.8%
An unfined pale ale (hazy vegan friendly)
Purple Moose 'FleetWing' 3.9%
Pale bitter. Supporting MYC rowing, Porthmadog, in the 2016 Celtic Challenge (90miles across Irish sea)
Oakham 'Chemical Syndicate' 3.9%
A ruby bitter brewed with lots of new world hops.
Saltaire 'Citra Pale' 4.2%
Light straw coloured pale ale brewed with the fruity hop Citra.
Bristol Beer Factory 'Enigma' 4.4%
A red ale brewed with Enigma hops. A sweet malt base complimented with a hoppy finish.
Gipsy Hill 'Bounder' 4.4%
A classic copper coloured best bitter dry hopped.
Twickenham 'Wolf of the Woods' 4.7%
A traditional ESB style beer but much dryer.
Brewsters 'Hildegard' 4.8%
A copper coloured classic English bitter. Dry and malty.
Big Smoke 'Underworld' 5%
A slightly sweet milk stout with hints of chocolate and coffee. Contains Lactose.
Bristol Beer Factory 'Bitter Kiwi' 5%
A very drinkable pale ale brewed with citrus hops from New Zealand.
Kent 'Sacred Grounds' 5.1%
A black stout brewed with roasted coffee beans and a shot of chocolate.
Tiny Rebel 'Stay Puft' 5.2%
A black porter brewed with marshmallow to add a subtle fruity sweetness to this complex beer.
Arbor 'Gingerbread Saison' 6.2%
Belgian Saison yeast and brewed with fresh ginger.
Oakham 'BONA NOX' 8%
A "double IPA' style beer. Golden in colour, with lots and lots of new world hops.

Kegs in Marquee

Trinity Brewing 'Speedway IPA' 6.8% (US, Colorado)
An actual American IPA.
Lervig 'Passion Fruit sour' 7.5% (Norway)
A kettle sour IPA brewed with passion fruit.
Delirum 'Red' 8% (Belgium)
A classic red strong ale. Belgian yeast and complex.
Alpha State 'Double IPA' 9%
Over hopped extra strong IPA, all with Mosaic hops.

Kegs In Bar
Alpha State 'Soracha Ace/Azzaca pale' 5%
Dry and fruit pale ale. Lots of hops.
Beavertown 'Cpt Hasta' 5.7 (Invasion of the Lupuloids)
An experimental US style IPA
Beavertown 'Sgt O Mors' 5.7% (Invasion of the Lupuloids)
An experimental US style IPA
Beavertown 'Dr Enigmaticus' 5.7% (Invasion of the Lupuloids)
An experimental US style IPA
Dark Star 'Creme Brule' 5.9%
Dessert in a glass. Lots of chocolate and vanilla.
Cloud Water 'Citra IPA' 6.5%
New world IPA from Manchester.


Apples & Pears and others

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope