The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"The Dark Awakens"

 Thursday 26th Noon - Sat  28th Nov 2015


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Welcome to our annual black beer festival. Beers sourced from only micro breweries across the UK.

On Friday 27th at 8pm you can meet Gary Lucas of Kissingate, brewer of the fabulous 'Murder of Crows'

Some of these brews pack a big punch so third glasses are available. Drink, be merry and may the force be with you.


Ilkley 'Fireside Porter' 4.2%

A traditional mild smokey porter brewed with English and American hops.

Downland 'Old' 4.4%

An old ale with resinous pine hop character and a roasted coffee and a burnt caramel finish from the malt.

Dancing Duck 'Dark Drake' 4.5%

A classic Oatmeal stout with velvety smooth mouth feel and liquorice flavours.

Totally Brewed 'Voodoo Stout' 4.5%

A dry stout with hints of chocolate and coffee.

Tyne Bank 'Northern Porter' 4.5%

Complex porter conditioned on french oak chips after fermentation.

Liverpool Organic 'Kitty Wilkinson' 4.5%

Roasted stout with chocolate, vanilla and black coffee.

Shiny 'Abyss' 4.7%

Strong mild brewed with chocolate.

Downton 'Coconut Milk Stout' 5%

Milk stout brewed with coconut. (lactose)

Otley 'Beetroot Stout' 5.2%

Milk stout brewed with beetroot and coconut for a slightly sweet complex earthy taste. (lactose)

Downland 'Long Island Iced Tea' 5.2%

Black IPA barrel aged in part Gin and part Rum barrel.

Shiny 'Sorachi Dark' 5.4%

Hoppy stout, almost a black IPA but with plenty of toasted malt flavours. Bitter finish. 

Beavertown 'Smog Rocket' 5.8%

Not often in Cask! A robust smoked porter.

Tyne Bank 'Mocha Milk Stout' 6%

Sweet stout brewed with Brazilian Daterra Bruzi coffee. Contains pure cocoa, vanilla and lactose.

Tiny Rebel 'Vader Shuffle' 6.5%

A wood aged Belgian porter. 

Siren 'Caribbean Chocolate Cake' 7.4%

A tropical stout with cacao nibs, Cypress wood and lactose. Collaboration with Cigar City (US)

Kissingate 'Murder of Crows' 10%

Originally brewed by request of the Hope. An incredibly complex stout brewed to export strength.

Siren 'Oi Zeus' 13% (Inside Bar)

Imperial stout brewed with liquorice root, chilli, vanilla and cinnamon. 


…a little lighter in colour.

Hopcraft 'Devil Fish Ink' 5.8%

If there was such a thing as a BLACK IPA this would be it ;)

Siren 'Pompelmocello IPA' 6%
Sour grapefruit IPA. Very hoppy.


Marble 'IBD Brew' 6.4%

A west coast IPA.

Beavertown 'Duel of the Fates' 6.5%
Extra hoppy IPA collaboration with Other Half brewing (US)


Alpha State 'Orange Zest Farmhouse IPA' 7%

Saison yeast, buckets of oranges, IPA.

Magic Rock 'Cross-Pollination' 7.4%
American hopped IPA brewed with heather and honey.

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope