The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Not just Beer"

 Thursday 24th Noon - Sat  26th September 2015


Here we have most of the details of our September Festival, a bit different this one with a wider range of drinks for you to try.

There are a lot of Drinks to try so remember thirds are available as well as halves.


Windsor & Eton 'Zin Zan's Drop' 3.7%

A New Zealand hopped red bitter ale brewed with crystal barley and crystal rye malt. Spicy undertones and subtle tropical fruit flavours.

Anarchy 'Smoke Bomb' 3.9%

A dark sessionable Bavarian smoked beer. Flavours similar to smoked ham and smoked toffee.

Purple Moose 'Ysgwaen' 4%

A refreshing pale ale brewed with Cascade hops with the added touch of fresh elderflower.

Siren 'Dinner for Eight' 4.1%

An all Vienna malt bill, giving a copper colour and then hopped with a trio of American hops for a tropical fruit flavour.

Anarchy 'Citra Star' 4.1%

Highly hopped pale ale all with U.S. Citra hops for a refreshing grapefruit citrus punch.

Waen 'Festival Gold' 4.2%

An all English pale ale. Traditional fruity flavour with a bitter finish.

Downland 'Jantar' 4.3%

A golden ale brewed with lots of Slovenian Atlas hops. Lots of citrus with hints of herbs and spices.

Salopian 'Lemon Dream' 4.5%

A golden ale brewed with organic lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a citrus filled fruity finish.

Waen 'Rough Rider' 4.5%

A classic American pale ale. Lots of American hops with a simple malt backbone.

Kissingate 'Powder Blue' 5.5%

A black porter beer brewed with fresh blueberries. 

Summer Wine 'Redwood IPA' 5.8%

An American red IPA brewed with lots of Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade over a complex English malt body.

Kent Brewery 'Maple Wheat IPA' 5.8%

A heavily hopped IPA brewed with the addition of wheat and some maple syrup giving a juicy mouthfeel and flavour.

A KeyKeg of Beavertown Gamma Ray.

KeyKegs In Bar    

Arbor 'Argy Bargy' 10.4%

A strong black barley wine.

Magic Rock 'Vaudeville'  5.9%

A modern Saison.

Siren 'Honer' 5%

A White Pills lager beer.

Anarchy 'Quiet Riot' 6.6%

A South Pacific IPA

Cloudwater 'Farmhouse IPA'

IPA hops. Belgian Yeast.

Cider in Marquee

Hecks Dry 7.0 D

Lilleys Cheeky Pig Cider/Perry Blend 7.5 M/D

Gwynt Y Ddraig 'Black Dragon' 7.2 M/D

Gwynt Y Ddraig 'Dog Dancer' 6.5 M

Original Bristol Port 6.0 M

Sandford Pear Shaped Perry 7.5 M

Fonthill cider from Downton

and a Mulled Cider 4.0 M

Various Fruit Wines, Aperitifs & Liqueurs

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope