The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Hopocalypse Now!"

 Thursday 23 July  Noon - Sat  25th 2015


Welcome to the Hope festival. Beers sourced from small breweries from across the UK. 

There is a lot of beer to try so remember thirds are available as well as halves and pints.


Dark Star Redhead 3.7%
An Irish style red ale brewed with fewer hops to bring out the complexities of the speciality malts.

Gadd's Festiv'Ale 3.8%
A pale ale with hints of blackcurrant, mint and grapefruit from the hops. Crisp and refreshing.

Brown Ales The Hustler 3.8%
An American hopped light coloured pale ale.

Ilkley Gold 3.9%
A golden pale ale.

Red Willow Mirthless 3.9%
Sunshine in a glass. A light and floral classic pale ale.

Ilkley 'Summer' 4%
A very pale summer seasonal from Yorkshire. Lots of tropical fruit flavours from the new world hops.

Gadd's 'Beautiful British Beer' 4%
A classic copper coloured best bitter brewed with Kentish hops. A collaboration with pub based comedian Al Murray.

Siren 'Dinner for 6' 4.1%
A vienna pale ale (a copper brown in colour) brewed with a trio of US hops for a fruity tropical flavour.

Dark Star 'Hylder Blonde' 4.2%
A light and hoppy pale ale brewed with Elderflowers sourced from around the brewery. Citrussy and refreshing.

Scarborough 'SeaLord' 4.3%
Golden ale brewed using Magnum, Citra and Amarillo hops giving subtle hints of lime, grapefruit and melon.

Brown Ales 'Usual Suspects' 4.3%
A light coloured dry hopped pale ale. Lots of citrus flavours and refreshing bitterness.

Marble 'Summer' 4.5%
A pale ale brewed with the best of this seasons new world hops. Light and very fruity!

Hackney 'Azzaca Summit' 4.5%
A due of US hops for this clean tasting, light pale ale.

Great Heck 'Patrick' 4.8%
A traditional Irish stout, black in colour with lots of roasted malt flavour.

Brown Ales 'Full Metal Jacket' 5.5%
An IPA brewed with Pacific hops giving an oily and citrus flavour.

Wild 'Madness IPA' 6.8%
Unfined (cloudy) and full of lots and lots hops making a strong yet refreshing brew.\

Kegs In Bar    

Wild Beer Co 'Millionaire' 4.7%
A milk stout brewed with salted caramel and chocolate (contains Lactose)

Marble 'Ginger' 5.1%
Yellow in colour ginger infused beer, hopefully more ginger than beer. A health tonic perhaps?

Tiny Rebel 'In and around the mouth' 6%
BIG American IPA…over hopped and dry hopped.

Magic Rock 'Villainous' 6.5%
A heavily hopped copper coloured Vienna IPA. 

Siren 'Mrs Brown' 6.5%
A big modern style brown ale collaboration with Magic Rock. Aged in Bourbon barrels (6 months) + additions of Pecan (nuts), vanilla and maple syrup. Pudding beer ;)


Heck's Port Wine of Glastonbury

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope