The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Do Drinkers dream of Electric Hops"

 Thursday 25th Noon - Sat 27th June 2015


Welcome to the Hope festival. Beers sourced from small breweries from across the UK. 

There is a lot of beer to try so remember thirds are available as well as halves.


Hopcraft Sunday League Relegation Playoffs 3.1%
A session stout brewed with oranges (for half time)

Hawkshead Bitter 3.7%
A traditional northern bitter. Bitter finish with a malty flavour.

Crouch Vale Eldorado 3.9%
A single hop light coloured session beer brewed with U.S. El Dorado hops. Light, dry and citrus.

W&E Magna Carta 4%
A traditional bitter but brewed with ancient style ingredients such as local herbs, yarrow, ground ivy and some liquorice.

Red Squirrel Milk Stout 4%
A classic sessionable stout brewed with lactose to give a smooth finish.

Wild Bible 4.2%
Unfined so naturally hazy. A pale ale brewed with Vienna malt and oats. Lots of Mosaic and Amarillo.

Siren all Bretts Off 4.5%
A traditional English bitter but with a 100% 'Brett' fermentation. (Belgian wild yeast)

Summer Wine Wingman 4.6%
A classic best bitter, brown in colour and with flavours of toffee. All English hops.

Bristol Beer Factory Sorachi 4.7%
A golden pale ale brewed with Sorachi Ace.

Arbor Smac my brew up 4.8%
A dry hoppy American pale ale brewed with smcoe, mosaic, amarillo and centennial. Very fruity.

Ilkley Trader 4.8%
A pale ale brewed with NZ and US hops, light in colour and also made with toasted coconut and fresh lime zest.            

Arbor Dynamo Pale 4.8%
A super hoppy American pale ale.

Blue Monkey Chocolate Guerilla 4.9%
A special edition of the stout brewed with extra chocolate!

Blue Bee Simcoe 5%
A single hopped American IPA with floral and grapefruit notes.

Siren Mums the word 5.5%
A smoked porter brewed with lactose sugars, smoked cherries and Chipotle chillies.

Blue Bee Complex 6%
A strong and complex Red IPA brewed with rye malt and multiple US hops.

KeyKegs In Bar

The Kernel 'IPA' 7.2%
Fresh new Kernel IPA brewed with Nelson and Chinook hops.

Magic Rock 'Custard Pie' 6.7%
A new world wheat (wheat beer with modern over hopping)

Arbor/Mezzo Passo 'Basta Rosse' 5%
A hoppy red beer Italian collaboration. Lots of Cascade and Mosaic hops.

Beavertown 'Spresso 9%
A barrel aged coffee Imperial Stout.

Hopcraft Deutsch Project Huell Melon 4.5%
A pale ale brewed with all new world German hops.

Mondo Rider Pale
New Pale ale from a new brewery in Battersea.

Mondo Imperial Steam Lager 6.5
At sometime, when it has arrived, cooled and settled :)


Lilleys Apples & Pears - What it says on the label.

Hecks "Port wine of Glastonbury" - created from this rare apple

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope