The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"The Illustrated Beers"

 Thursday 28th Noon - Sat  30th May 2015


Welcome to our beer festival. A selection of ales from across the UK from a handful of some of the best brewers the UK has to offer.

A range of styles, colours and flavours to be had so remember that third pint measures are available as well as halves and pints, and try everything! 




Raw Brown Cow3.8%

A classic English best bitter, brown in colour with a bitter finish, floral notes and toffee tasting malt base.

Magic Rock Magic Spanner 3.9%

A super light low ABV session pale ale. Brewed with lots of American and some UK hops to create a pleasant citrus finish on top of a light malt base.

Brewsters Up T'Summit 4%

An amber brew with 3 types of roast malt giving flavours of rich dried fruit over laid with spicy grapefruit

orange from lots of Summit/Nugget hops.


Downton Kazbek Zest 4.1%

A straw coloured pale ale brewed with European Kazbek hops, 20% wheat malt and lemon and lime zest. A real thirst quencher on a hot day.

Ilkley Olicana 4.4%

A new variety of English hop grown exclusively for this brewery. Yellow in colour with a dry finish.

Crouch Vale Boadicea 4.1%

An Amber ale made with delicious English Boadicea hops.

Waen Too Much Pressure 4.2%

A light hopped American style pale ale.

Gun Dog Lord Barker 4.2%

Black in colour, a classic Stout. Hints of smoke, coffee and chocolate. 

Kent Berry Mild Porter 4.8%


A black fruit laced English porter (mild in strength) Quite dry for a porter with a subtle tart sweetness from the fresh berries.


Tiny Rebel Full Nelson 4.8%

A light coloured pale ale brewed with NZ Nelson hops which not only impart a tropical grapefruit flavour but also give a melon\grape flavour similar to the new world wines.

Hopcraft Sharks Vs Surfers 4.8%

A very pale ale brewed with lots of US and OZ hops to give a very tropical fruit flavour. A long dry bitter finish.

Arbor Hop Apocalypse 4.8%
An overly hopped American Pale ale.

Arbor Bloodbath Pale 5%

A slightly copper coloured pale ale brewed with lots of new world hops and then fermented with fresh blood oranges to add to fruit flavour and the bitterness.

Redemption White IPA 5.9%

A dark golden coloured beer hopped like an IPA but fermented with wheat beer yeast giving some continental complexity. 

Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild 6%
A strong black beer, mildly hopped for a smooth mouth feel. A complex grain bill creates flavours of liquorice, chocolate and smoke.


Oakham Green Devil IPA 6%

A pale golden IPA hopped exclusively with Citra hops which add a grapefruit tropical tang to this clean tasting bitter beer.


Tiny Rebel 'Loki Lite' 4.5%

A session IPA with US hops.

Hopcraft 'Dance with the Devil' 5%

A red IPA brewed with multiple US hops including Citra.

Kernel 'Pale Ale' 5.4%

Pale ale with Mosiac & Zeus.

Siren 'Quadrophenia' 9%

A Belgian style Quad.

Kernel 'Imperial Brown Stout 1856' 10.2%

A stout recipe from 1856! export strength! 

Magic Rock 'Unhuman Cannonbal' 11%

The breweries annual double IPA. Extreme hops.


Jack Ratt Vintage 7.4%

Lyme Bay Devon Cider 5.0%

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope