The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Breakfast in the ruins"

 Thursday 26th Noon - Sat 28th Feb 2015


Welcome to the Hope's first beer festival of 2015. 

The ales here have been sourced from across the country and feature some of the best breweries in the UK. 

Remember that the keg beers will be found in the inside bar and that third glasses are available as well as halves and pints. 

Try everything and enjoy!

Allgates 'Napoleons Retreat' 3.9%

Brewed in the traditional north west style. A chestnut bitter which is rounded with some residual sweetness with tastes of fruit and vanilla balanced with a resinous hop character.

Wild Weather 'Black Knight Mild' 3.9%

A smooth black session ale, milady hopped to show case the malt.

Raw 'Amarillo' 3.9%

A clean drinking single hop pale ale. Yellow in colour with grapefruit flavour and dry finish.

Siren 'Dinner for one' 4.1%

A modern german pale ale brewed nearly exclusively with Vienna malt and then brewed with extremely new german hop varieties. 

Brodies 'Amarilla' 4.2%

A super hopped pale ale. Lots of oily citrus flavour coming through the dry hop, dry bitter finish.

Waen 'Just a feeling' 4.2%

A single hop pale ale with the unusual Sorachi Ace. Dry finish with orange marmalade flavours.

Crouch Vale 'Summit' 4.3%

A well hopped pale ale featuring Summit hops. Citrus and pine on the nose with a bitter finish.

Moor 'Raw' 4.3%

An unfined hazy best bitter from the west country. 

Hawkshead 'Lakeland Gold' 4.4%

A refreshing, well hopped golden bitter with complex fruit flavours from the blending of English first gold hops and the classic American hop cascade.

Great Heck 'Washington Red' 4.7%

An American style red IPA. Sweet juicy malt profile balanced tropical fruit tasting hops! 

Burning Sky 'Porter' 4.8%

A traditional sussex porter. Lots of roasted malt flavour with hints of coffee and liquorice.

Magic Rock 'Punchline Porter' 5.4% - Cellar Aged

A porter brewed with chocolate and chilli for an intense flavour kick

Arbor 'Smoke Screen' 5.5%

Another cellar aged beer. A porter brewed with smoked malts to compliment the coffee and chocolate flavours.

Wild Weather 'Shepherds Warning IPA' 5.6%

A pale IPA where the flavour begins sort and smooth building to a big hit of hoppy grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.

Dark Star 'Creme Brulee' 5.9% - Cellar Aged

This has been in the cellar since last November. Brewed with chocolate, vanilla and lactose sugars. A dessert stout!

Shiny 'Rocket IPA' 7.0%

A big hoppy American style IPA. A clean malt bill making room for the big grapefruit hops.


Siren 'Liquid Monsterous' 8.5%

This was brewed to mark their 200th brew. A scaled up version of their red IPA Liquid Mistress. Complex malts with strong new world hop aromas.

Beavertown 'Bloody 'Ell' 7.2%

This heavily hopped IPA is brewed with tropical tasting Citra and Amarillo hops and then brewed with blood orange zest and juice to add to the fruity insanity.

Brodie's ' Coffee Belgian Brown Ale'  6.5%

A brown ale brewed with coffee and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain to create an unusual mix of flavours.


Hecks Dry 6.5

A classic English farmhouse Cider

Dog Dancer

All beers are available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope